Friday, December 7, 2007

what has been written so far.

"We just happen to be in one rather than the others' in the sense that "we" are in all of them, but each are mutually inobservable."
-Hugh Everett III

The New Elegant Universe

Nestled in the world of Satex, lies the beautiful heavenly majestic land of Flower Mound, a young girl lives on top of the hill surrounded by flowers for miles in all directions. Outside of the field of flowers, is the Boom Boom Pirate Forest, where many creatures live and work and watch out for pirates.

If you walk for a few days in the forest, you'll eventually come to the shores of the Tadpole Lake, and the wreckage of an ancient British Imperial Naval ship. The Tadpole Lake is really a sea, with a hidden river to the ocean and to the deserts, and in the lands of Satex, oceans and deserts sometimes are one and the same. Occasionally, the dark boats of even darker pirates will appear on the horizon, and if you see them first, they've seen you firster. Firstest, they'll argue. With their long telescopes of over 8 feet, they pick hapless victims like mice in a field of snakes. Usually in the summer evening, the fireflies will appear. That's the first sign of...A PIRATE RAID! They rush in, blades flying, shuriken throwing, guns blazing and take whatever isnít rooted into the ground. In the morning, a sad grey smoke drifts through broken windows, dead British Imperial soldiers scattered like shattered wood. A wall is beginning to be built, to protect the shores of Tadpole Lake, but its already peppered with buckshot and cannon ball blasts.

Its not always this way, Tadpole Lake Tripoli, is a small bustling town. Its beautiful summers and beautiful winters keep the animals happy, because when its all said and done and burned by the pirates, whats better than a koombaya around a campfire? Everyone is happy.

In the winter, the shores of Tadpole lake freeze over. So the hidden rivers passage is blocked, and for most of the year, the pirates cannot return. It is calm, and at a time of seasonal death, there is life. The moon is so bright, and the ice so white, that even at night, there is plenty of light. Little mice make themselves into snowballs and race down the hills. This is the time of the Moon Weddings. On the brightest night of the year, all the doves and turtles come together at a beautiful dance on the ice. Everyone finds another, and they fall in love. Then the oldest turtledoves (the past offspring of this event) circle the moon slowly and descend. And when they've reached the ice and landed, all the turtles and doves are MARRIED! yaaay!

On the far side of the Tadpole Lake, climbing into the sky is The New Man Mountain. It has a legendary status in the land of Satex, for this is where Humans are said to have arisen. Not many have dared to make the perilous journey to the New Man Mountain, but the little girl of Flower Mound will.

The wily adventuring Australian Jack Rabbit has said to have flown over it, and what he said he saw: shadowy shapes, half standing, half sitting, running among the branches of the trees, but many doubt this tall tale telling rodent, because his hot air balloon never seems to ascend any higher than 3 feet off the ground. Maybe he's too heavy, or the hot air is too cold, either way, he canít seem to fly. There's sadness behind his crazy eyes, maybe a story he doesnít tell. A tale, not so tall, but the shortest of them all, when you're at the bottom of the bucket, the end of your rope...a telling scar under his arm hints at his possible secret pirate past life. But don't ask him, he'll change the subject and throw a small water balloon at you.

The locals say that on the clearest most silent nights, when the crickets decide to leave to Arizona for a week, you can hear something. A sound like "WoooOP woooOOOOp!" A primal yell for attention coming across the lake. And the bush babies cry, because they say they see amber and green and blue eyes staring at them...from faaaar away...staring. Learning. Burning. The only evidence of anything living on that mountain is preserved in the Tadpole Lake Tripoli Museum. 30 years ago, when the little girl of flower mound began to cry, an ARROW flew right across the lake. A bloody handprint was pressed onto a scroll wrapped around the arrow. All the scientific squirrels analyzed it, they could not determine if it was blood or strawberry syrup. Ominous indeed. New Man Mountain is as tall as it is wide, and the trees grow asleep. In the land of Flower Mound, trees are always awake. Laughing, yelling, yawning, but awake. Not a wink of sleep among them. But New Man Mountain is silent, the trees donít even whisper. Are they dead? They canít be, because they have the most haunting hue of green that no artist has ever been able to recreate its hue.

A lesser legend, but a fun place to hang out is Main Street Mountain. Itís not really a mountain, more of a large hill, and it doesnít have a paved street per say. It does have a lot of cobble stones laid down. Its only store is a Dunkin Donuts, because you can open them anywhere and still make money. Many of Flower Moundís residents start their day there with a donut and a dunker (coffee). Then the Trucker'Coons drive off into the sunset, by following I-80 for a bit. Its open 24 hours, so late in the evenings, the bratty punk rock rodents; little grey mice with mohawks and very tiny leather jackets, sit on the curb and smoke pot and skateboard and other rebellious things. A slightly Indian man who manages the Dunkin Donuts always yells at them to either "BUY OR LEAVE! I call cops!" They just yell something stupid back and walk away to get high under the highway underpass.
The highway is right outside of Main Street Mountain, it leads to the cities of Satex. The biggest city, with all the other cities actually just being little brother cities to the biggest city is Sallad, pronounced so-lod. Itís a sandy city, just near the deserts and near the oceans. As soon as you step in, centipedes and camels are hurrying to and fro, filling the streets in rush hour. Men in Arabian dress fly on magic carpets. Sometimes the sun gets so big and hot, it scrapes the sky scrapers. Big gooey caramel drops fall right off of the sun, and the tops of the buildings all look like candied apples. Rather, candied onions, because of the typical Arabian architecture. This isnít Arabia though; Arabians tend to have a lot less democracy and a lot more car bombs. The Car bombs here on the other hand, have democratized. So Arabia it is not. The Car bombs hold 11 seats in congress, and their influence is growing. Some fear that they plan to take over. Probably not, Car Bombs tend to be short sighted and have a quick fuse. Their hawkish tendencies have begun the beginnings of a small war in the southern lands of Satex, with the inhospitable smoggy island archipelago lands of Oxi-Chem. Although dirty and barely navigable, some men, all the lesser species of man, and some animals, mostly dogs, live there. In the vast land of Satex, only one superior exterior man lives, the usual plain Jane Homo Sapien. But in Oxi-chem; big men, short men, the wrinkly men, long men, tiny men, fat men, hairy men, all different breeds of man. Like dogs, with their Dobermans, dachshunds, pit bulls, and beagles, the humans of Oxi-Chem are as varied.

Oxi-chem, although completely polluted, is the location of the largest city in all the known world, and not very much is known. It is one large island, completed sculpted into a step pyramid. On each step, the buildings were built. Its society is divided into different classes, which must live on different steps of the pyramid. Its highest step holds a solitary temple. A mysterious nefarious temple. Each year, cows make a pilgrimage to the temple to enter nirvana. For a month, the water runs pink. When the water runs clear again, all the temple priests have new leather jackets.

Many residents of Oxi-Chem are bored and starving, seeking a new life, they build boats of strange bones that wash in every year and make a dangerous journey north to Satex. Most Oxi-Chemians smell, and if they donít smell, itís because they're diseased and they've lost that sense. Their blind, deaf, mute, and ugly continue an endless invasion into Satex. The Car Bombs first response was blow them up, but when that didnít work, because most Oxi-Chemians drive white pick ups, the Car Bombs suggested invasion. Just a suggestion, but a Car Bomb's suggestion is like that noise when the clothes dryer stops and you just have to get up right away to turn it off. Exactly. Maybe worse.

The Gorilla Guerillas were the first to go in the unauthorized pre-war war. They used a special new Shock and Ooh ooh Awe Awe tactic, and quickly conquered a major island. This only took 34 hours. Here, going on another adventure, a new character is found. Sesilu "Says who? Says You!" the cavalier cowboy bear rider! Riding in one of the bone boats with some Oxi-Chemians, he is mistaken for an invader and held captive in Gum Berry Bay with no charges. He is quite sad, and so is his black bear. They come up with a brilliant scheme. Sesilu, being a quite knowledgeable fellow and a man of many animal languages, watches the skies. He knows in a few days, the monarch butterflies will be making their annual migration from the northern tundra land Adanak to the far south islands of Oxi-Chem. Within a day or so, as the butterflies begin to come, Sesilu sings his song of freedom, thatís all he ever has, Redemption Song. They love his Bob Marley rendition and all stop at his cell, they decide to help him get free. On all of their wings, he writes one word and says "Find the most precious person in all the lands of Satex and show her my message, she will free me!" So they go, taking a brief detour north to Satex to find MoMoMaureen, the little girl of Flower Mound. Here is where our story begins...YAAAY, the end.

To the north and the west and the east of Sallad are small cities, smaller towns, and desert sand filling all the in between. Hard compressed sand rock functions as roads crisscrossing the desert. Occasionally a tumbleweed. To the far south of Sallad lies the ocean, but before the ocean, a strange land of quicksand floats. Many fantastic creatures live here, adapted to the thick sandy muds. So fantastic, they defy explanation. They breathe with gills, but fly like birds occasionally. The hawks glide endlessly on amazing wing spans, picking flying fish out of the sky as they burst from the sand water surface. Here is where the Pirates roam in the winter months. From this brackish sea, the hidden river forms. It is really a series of water streams under the surface, in caves, that bubbles up underneath the Tadpole Lake. This is how the pirates come and go without a trace. The most infamous of all the pirates, the leader of all pirates, is Blackbird Raccoon. He leads a ragtag bunch of snakes, lizards, parrots, rats, and snails. He was once a good Raccoon in a family of gypsy sailors. But they tired of him as Gypsies tend to do, and abandoned him on a deserted island. All they left him with was a moldy piece of bread, string, and a spoon. Somehow he survived, some say he was rescued and joined the navy where he went sour...others say he built stole a ship singlehandedly...the stories will go on forever, but one thing is certain, his heart is black. He sings one song, a melancholy tune he said he heard a blackbird sing once in Paris. So became his nomme-de-guerre, Blackbird Raccoon.

One small fleet of British Imperial ships is Blackbird Raccoonís only considerable enemy. A Sly Red Fox, Francois Fox, his real name is Frances, but he says Francois for pretensions sake. Of welsh ancestry, he speaks only a few words in French, but will pretend to know more to seem worldly. He believes in nobility, courage, and honor and expects the same of his fleet. A master swordsman which only rivals his shot. Unfortunately, he's a cocky little fox and believes he derives from royalty. Never harmed in battle...except once. And once is all it takes; he was permanently crippled and needs a cane to walk any significant distance. More crippling was the blow to his ego. Blackbird Raccoon is the only raccoon to have ever fired a shot at his special jump and smash flash fighting technique and hit. The special jump and smash flash fighting technique was never seen again, but some suspect his first mate, Coyote O'Cassidy is following in Francois Fox's footsteps, jumping footsteps. Francois Fox loathes the Blackbird, almost ironic, that the wife he leaves in Tadpole Lake Tripoli is a beautiful Blackbird. So beautiful, yet hysterical. She hasnít spoken a word for almost 20 years, only singing one song, a most depressing song. Rumors abound of a secret history between Blackbird Raccoon, Francois Fox, and the saddest most beautiful blackbird in all of Satex. Is it possible that Francois Fox anger for Blackbird Raccoon is only fueled by an intense jealousy of knowing that despite all his money and acclaim, there was a love in his wife's heart for another at one time and that love has flown away? Or sailed away perhaps? Where did they all meet?? So far, no one knows.

Coyote O'Cassidy is an honorable gent, with all his limbs and the youthful idealism that only the youth have. Courageous in the fires of war, known to yell "Long live the Queen!" although the Queen Penguin Peggy was assassinated many years ago, probably before Coyote O'Cassidy was born. I think he's Irish too. Despite this, Francois Fox and Coyote O'Cassidy are the closest canines. Brothers, Friends, Illegitimate Father. It is well known that if the Jump and Smash Flash Fighting Technique is to ever make a comeback, O'Cassidy is the dog to do it. If the Oxi-Chem/Satex prewar war continues, the fleet may be asked to help fight some battles. If the jump and smash is to be seen, it is here.

The Jump and Smash Flash Fighting technique is a lost art, lost since Francois lost his kneecap. It was passed on from one chosen fox to another, which is the only evidence for Francois' alleged royalty. It is a beautiful mix of ballet, sword techniques, and fancy kicking and jumping combinations. If O'Cassidy is the next chosen canine, it will be the first time ever that another canine, not a fox, a coyote is taught.

The brackish ocean, called the Sinker's Sea, is pot marked with islands here and there that bump out of the sea. Clear clean water surrounds the island for about a half of a kilometer, where goldfish the size of beach balls swim about. The small bits of clear water around these islands have a certain golden hue to them. In the early evening, the goldfish begin to sleep; they rest at the surface with their eyes lazily surveying the landscape. They're only enemy is the Sand Crocodile, it stays at the border of the clear water and the sand slush, when a goldfish ventures to close to the brackish sea, it pops out and eats it. Whenever an attack occurs, all the goldfish cry and yell and have a small goldfish meeting that bans all swimming near the brackish, but as soon at the meeting disperses, they forget. Goldfish have no memory.

On these islands are beautiful Coconut Palm Trees, and in the middle of the night, all the coconuts wake up and start giggling. You wonít be able to decide if the nuts have gone coco, or the cocos have gone nuts. But itís all crazy. You'll sleep better inland. Some islands have sun bears lounging on them in the trees. They wonít harm you, they tend to love company. If they meet you, they'll call each other in the trees and start partying for you. You can play pool with rocks, or drink nanners (an alcoholic banana brew) with them. The Sun Bears are light brown, small bears that walk upright. Sometimes you'll see them wearing little sun hats. In the Sinker's Sea, it gets really hot and really humid, but it rains never so often. When it does rain, the rain is sweet like sugar and sticky. All the gnats and buggies in the air get wet and canít fly because they get too sticky. So all the gnats crash into each other and stick together, making big bug balls. Sun Bears love eating big bug balls. Itís actually a quite delicious protein candy. The Sun Bears believe the sun itself is a giant candy covered bug ball, many dream of going to it. Some have tried...many have died unfortunately.

There is one string of Islands in the Sinker's Sea that because of their proximity, create a clean clear river. It is called the Lover's Paradise, but its not paradise, and all the lovers have broken up since. Many of the islands are quite volcanic, and have black sands. From a distance, the islands seem to be the dying flames of a coal fire. All love either burns out or explodes, thatís the ironic twist of these islands. For many years, they were green and beautiful, now they're dead and black. One of these many many islands is said to hold the hidden secret location of Blackbird Raccoon's pirates and all of his stolen treasure.

The Wiley Adventuring Australian Jack Rabbit, Jessee Hoptan, always tells of the time he discovered the island. He said through combing through some secret archives in the Mass Library of Sallad, he found a series of maps and clues in books that allowed him to piece together the journey to the Island. He described the island as being the largest island, but the smallest one to be seen, with no vegetation to speak of. A thick cool fog surrounds it, and the island is cold to the touch. When he arrives, he said, he timed it just so that as the Pirates left he'd arrive. Sometime during the summer, his hot air balloon arrived at the cool shores. Jessee called it "Iceberg Island" and the name has stuck since. Although there's no proof of the island's very existence, the scientific facts that Jessee provides seem to add up that it is a strange one of a kind iceberg island. Jessee theorized that it simultaneously cools the outside ocean and is warmed by the sea. So it melts continuously, and as the cool water sinks, it freezes once more, keeping the island at a constant mass. Geographers and geologists, ecologists and astronomers, all manners of scientists, deny his claims.

Jessee Hoptan is a cult hero among the youths of Satex, he's appeared on T-shirts and in parades, and has a reality TV show in the works. He is said to have been adventuring ever since he was born in prison and escaped within 3 days. He hadnít stopped moving since then, although he has never committed a crime, he is considered a federal fugitive by escaping the prison. The authorities are merely too proud to admit that a baby rabbit outsmarted them. So whenever his hot air balloon floats into town, you're bound to see an amazing highway chase on cable TV. One time, he disappeared for 6 months, many thought he was dead. Rumors abounded that he was shot out of his very shallow sky by F-16s. When he finally returned, he spoke of a very strange far west or far east land of Ane'ro-feelak. Where he planted peach trees throughout the land to feed the diminutive Ane'rohans. He described them as small little octopi that lived on land but could not get used to eating land food, so they were all starving. They arrived on land after a large earthquake shattered the land and a huge tidal wave sent all the sea creatures on to the land and all the land creatures into the sea. All the land creatures drowned naturally, except for kittens. But all the sea creatures adapted wonderfully. But eventually, all the land kelp was eaten, so they were left to eat land food. Jessee was moved by their plight, and deciding that everyone loves peaches, he fished a few seeds out of his pockets and began to plant peach trees. The Ane'rohans were saved! And cute. After this, he said he traveled across a jade ocean to Napajh. He didnít stay long; he said they were a very angry sad race of humans. In the mornings, many humans would simply begin to cry and run into the ocean to drown. As he began to live among the people, he learned of their strange religion. The Sky was god, the ocean was the devil, and somehow they reasoned, if they defeated the ocean by swimming its entire expanse and reached the horizon, they'd meet the sky and be one with him. Somehow, they never could see far enough into the ocean to see their friends drowning on mass every morning. Some people would build boats and leave, while floating along the ocean, Jessee Hoptan said he'd find occasional abandoned boats, with all the food half eaten, and beds still holding a familiar impression, as if the bodies were still there, but on a different plane of existence.

Jessee finally returned when he said the people of Napajh began building a strange bomb, called the Hydrogen/Oxygen diverter. Using the same properties of a nuclear bomb, it separates the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen in water. When detonated, it begins a chain reaction that eliminates all water within its blast radius. They believe, if they eliminate the ocean, the sky will finally fall to earth, and they will all be able to enter the gates of heaven. Jessee could do nothing to stop them, oh he tried and tried and tried, but nothing could dissuade them from their blind faith. Jessee left them, a doomed people. On his return trip, he saw the octopi of Ane'ro-feelak enjoying their peach harvest. If there are ever any explorers bold enough as Jessee to verify his claims, Jessee shall become a national Satex hero! Until then, he is a wily fugitive.

One explorer, who is almost a national hero, is Roberto the Submarining mole. 1 part scientist, 1 part subterranean, 1 part extremely nearsighted and 1 part extremely farsighted. He has built his own submarine, with his crew of muskrats; the Pool Hopper. It is a green little submarine, decorated to look like a froggy. In this submersible, he squeezes through the pipes and sewer systems of Flower Mound, Boom Boom Pirate Forest, Tadpole Lake Tripoli, and all the area of Sallad. He maps all the pools of Satex, he's obsessed with pools! When he arrives at one pool, he peers through his little periscope with a big ol' eye seeing through it and finds sunbathers and chats them up. He's a friendly little mole. He has friends everywhere and is obsessed with watching the latest chick flicks. Moles are known for their large hearts and tiny eyes with little tears. His muskrat crew; Jose, Miguel, Jesus, Jorge, and Rafael are bad little boys. They're paid a bit, but have a lot of attitude. With Roberto around, they usually stay real quiet, whispering little Spanish wise cracks about him. Roberto is pretty hard of hearing as well. But when you're a mole that spends most of your life underground, you tend to lose touch with anything that isnít dirt.

Recently, he's begun to contemplate the Pirate Problemo. There are 2 constants: a: The Pirates only attack in the summer months, when the lake is unfrozen & b: the Pirates MUST be coming from somewhere, where, it is a mystery. Roberto's theory is that the Pirates must have devised some strange way of turning their ship into some kind of submersible and traveling through an unknown system of underground caves and rivers. Many have laughed at his theory, saying no ship ever made would be able to withstand the pressure. He responded that no SHIP would be able to withstand the pressure, but if a ship could somehow be held within a force field of sorts, it is possible. A simple air bubble, at a large enough mass could allow a ship to pass through these theoretical caves. His next mission he has proclaimed is to find the Hidden River in the Tadpole Lake, and make the treacherous journey to the Sinker's Sea. Then, he'll continue on to find Iceberg Island. His only supporter in this venture is Jessee Hoptan, and Roberto the Mole is the Jack Rabbits only supporter as well. The only reason they have not joined forces are that they are polar opposites when it comes to exploring. Jessee adores the open sky, even if he never flies high enough to really even see it, and is quite claustrophobic. Roberto never ventures far into the outside world with at least one person guiding him, and is afraid of flying. Roberto does plan on using Jessee's notes to find Iceberg Island to verify its existence. If he does, all the force of the British Imperial Navy will storm its stronghold, destroy it, and take the legendary vast fields of subterranean treasure and divide it among its nation.

The British Imperial Navy is named so for its straaange past. A few hundred years ago, a solitary ship sailed into the Satex harbor of Knot-South, forgive its name, its settlers were a group of philosophers that believed there is a mirror in all aspects of life and so named everything the opposite of what it was. Its philosophies and religion are still practiced here and there. Many dismiss it as coincidence, others say it was prophesied. But the solitary ship that sailed into the harbor had the most bizarre origins. Its only crew was a very tired wrinkled old man, his name is forgotten. He said he was the captain of the ship and during a ferocious stormy battle with what he called "The Spanish Armada" his ship was nearly destroyed. As the battle progressed, his ship was thrown further and further off course, soon they were near a "New World" and their compasses began to fail. North became South, the skies turned black, then white, then nothing. It was as if their earth itself was being ripped to shreds, the very fabric of time and space was stretched so far apart that the old man said they "fell through" to a different land. The land that he was in then. People fell in love with him, this novelty creature from a mysterious past. If he was lying, he was certainly the most thorough liar imaginable, this in itself was commendable. He decided as the only British Naval officer now in existence, it was his duty to the only Queen he now knew, the Queen Penguin Peggy, the build her a naval force that would rival the one he once served. So the British Imperial Navy was formed. The origin of the Old man was never discovered, but his knowledge of war strategy and naval tactics was highly influential.

MoMoMaureen is a young little girl of 30 years. In the magical lands of Satex, everyone takes their time getting old. Why get old, when you can stay young? She lives in the center of Flower Mound, in one of those Hobbit looking houses, but less hobbity, more hip. It has a giant telescope that during the day functions as a giant microscope. Its REVERSIBLE, during the day, she studies out of GIANT books and encyclopedias, MoMoMaureen loves to read. She is the smartest girl in Flower Mound, but its kind of an unfair judgment, because all the other girls in Flower Mound are Silly Cats. There are some humans who still live there, but they are all old. Very old, hundreds of years old. The oldest people in Satex retire in Flower Mound, and every year they have a giant picnic party. They spend the entire year sewing a huuge picnic blanket and cooking, and then on the first day of spring, they throw it all over the Mound and EAT away. They have the largest pie eating contests known in the known world. MoMoMaureen loves Flower Mound, it is the only place she's ever known, when she fell out of one of the flowers back in the day. No one understood how it happened, one flower refused to bloom, and when it did, the small little body of MoMoMaureen was born. In her house, is an aquarium filled with beautiful magical fishies that function as a stereo. Her TV is a big hippo that has a screen in his tummy. Sometimes he gets grumpy and wont turn on, he'll just flip over and go to sleep. Her rug is made out of short short grass of different colors and her ceiling is painted like a sky with stars all around. Her whole house is a working map of the stars, and the floor is a scale map of Satex, but she's never noticed. Her front yard has a small garden of cucumbers that have big smiles, and tomatoes, Oh the happiest tastiest tomatoes ever. Too bad their so tasty, because they become the most painful things to kill. They scream and cry and beg for mercy. These tomatoes bleed ketchup as well; itís quite disturbing to eat one. So MoMoMaureen usually just purÈes them, itís fast and almost painless. You'll just hear a sharp yelp for a second...then silence. The cucumbers are some sick vegetables, they like pain, get turned on and all. They're already phallic, so itís quite disturbing. MoMoMaureen has a small basement underneath her living room floor that has quite an elaborate lock. The key is broken into 5 pieces that must be arranged correctly for it to work. During her early years, a shadowy ninja of some sort broke in and attempted to steal the key's pieces, but MoMoMaureen's threw rocks at him and he left, but managed to steal one piece. Since then, she has never been able to open it, she never really has. She knows there's a chest in the basement, but until she one day finds that ninja once more, she will not be able to. In her backyard, is a pretty little pool, here is where she met Roberto the Mole. They went and watched Ms.Congeniality 2. Not such a good movie.

Flower Mound the town has one road that swirls around the hill, and where ever you look, flowers are blooming. Even in the winter time, the flowers bloom, but only bloom in the color white because they like to match the season.

At the base of Flower Mound, there is a small rundown white fence that is overgrown and covered in vines and weeds, and a small sidewalk that is also overgrown. One of the concrete slabs is kinda loose, and if you get a crowbar you can pry it open. Then fWOOOoosh! The ground crumbles beneath you and spiders scurry around your feet. The air is thick, humid, and tickles your throat. Purple dust clouds your vision, and the webs donít make things any better. You begin to feel the crunch of bones snapping like twigs on the forest floor. Splinters of bone scratch at your calves, the long deceased grabbing at your legs. The wind blows through the deep tunnel, howling like poor tortured souls. The weight of death is heavy on your shoulders, you feel more and more tired. Huff puff puff...finally with all your strength to pull you through that tunnel, you step into a shallow pool in a large underground cave resembling an ancient cathedral. As you clear some dust and webs away from your face, you can see it really is a giant cathedral, but the religion of its original purpose has been lost. Strange haunting statues stand in corners, and a skeletal figure, who's barely clothed body contrasts to the elaborate dress of the other statues, is crucified in the center. Suddenly, a great whirlwind surrounds you, kicking up purple dust throughout the cavernous room; you feel a movement of a creature. In the high ceiling, clinging to the Rose Window, the only light source, a giant monstrous purple moth spies you like a hawk. Its feathery antennae twitching, smelling your presence almost. In an instant, it is a giant blur flying in this church. Because of its size, you can see it is having trouble flying. You can see that behind the rose window is murky water that this cathedral must be under a lake. Couldnít be Tadpole Lake, to far, the nearest lake is the Dandelion Swamp. The Purple Moth rests on a stone column, and you can see your miniscule reflection in its refractive eyes. Without warning, it leaps off the column and crashes into the pews directly in front of you, then with its long proboscis, its swallows you up. You're doomed, within days; your pathetic skeleton will emerge from its insectoid rectum. In Flower Mound, many wonder how the flowers grow continuously. The flowers of Flower Mound are so amazing; a new species is discovered every month by the world Famous Flower Mound Squirrel Botanists. The only way so many species can grow and proliferate, you would need the sky to be filled with every type of bug to pollinate them. Or maybe one GIANT bug. That is what the Purple Moth is for, it is what he does. He is quite peaceful, staying underground for most of its life, squeezing at the roots of the flowers, mixing and matching DNA, which is what his purple dust does. Itís really microscopic "air plankton". Tiny little animals that just float around bonding itself to any organic material, creating little dust bunnies and cobwebs, that eventually find themselves seeping into the surrounding dirt and flowering into beeeaaautiful flowers. Unfortunately, a moth the size of this moth, he's like an elephant, needs to eat a lot. So when grampa wanders off and never comes back because he has Alzheimerís, he was probably gobbled up by the Purple Moth. Very rarely, only when the moth grows incredibly famished, does he emerge from his cave to feeeast. He will eat anything and everything in the middle of the night. Surprisingly, he remains just a legend. The only evidence of his existence is some grainy footage of a moth fluttering near the moon. Occasionally an entire patch of Boom Boom Pirate Forest will get covered in the purple dust and all the residents will have disappeared. It is a creepy scene to behold; the Squirrel Experts say it is evidence of cult behavior not a crazy "Giant Moth" theory.

The Squirrels of Satex are considered to be the experts on anything. They're curious nature gives them the habit of tackling a problem like a tough acorn. They will pry it apart and chew on it for awhile. If a squirrel grows up and doesnít become a Scientist or a Doctor or a Politician, he is considered a failure. No better than the nuts he hoards, sometimes going as far as deeming the ambitionless squirrel NUTs himself and locking him up in an asylum. Their psychological health care is quite sad and inept. It is the dark secret of Squirrel society that the use of psychology is rarely actually used for the well being of the patient, it is usually used to further remove the patient from their society. The Squirrels, although highly intelligent, are equally judgmental. They do not tolerate any kind of shortcomings, or will deny any of their shortcomings instead. They are all about outward appearances, believing feelings should be kept to oneself, and must always show a face of dignity. Maybe this constant facade of success combined with a natural greediness and an almost paranoid quest for knowledge, has made them very successful in Political Fields. Rarely a prominent figure, they much more enjoy to operate in the background as influential aides and assistants. Instinctively knowing and remembering the best places to hoard their "acorns", they manipulate and maneuver to climb the Tree of Success in any field they end up in. The Squirrels of Satex are acclaimed and despised all at the same time.

Outside of Flower Mound, not too far is Dandelion Swamp. Only one part of it is swamp, the rest is a small pond. The part that is swampy is where the creeks flow into the pond. Lots of baby lions live in this small little patch of growth. They grow from flowers that are quite dandy. They do not live long, they lead quick happy lives. When they've begun to make long on their days, they begin to brown and wilt. Their manes also change shape and color, from a full mane to a white poofy do. So with one last shake of their manes, they release their feather light seeds unto the wind, to go and take root elsewhere. In the winter time, the Dandelions go away. Occasionally, one may pop its head out of the snow, but sensing the cold, will sneeze and poke its head below the surface once more.

The small pond itself, is just as colorful and diverse as the flowers on Flower Mound, it resembles a small coral reef. It is so colorful, that rainbows occur under the water here. The pond is musical, and all the fishies are so happy constantly, that there is always a birthday to celebrate. Starfish sometimes get so excited for these parties, that they'll snatch unsuspecting passersby from the surface to join the party.

The shores of the Dandelion Swamp have 4 buildings: a bar, a gun store, a French restaurant, and the home of Samuel Oswald Pitt the Third. Itís the old French quarter of town, New Sandy Row. Samuel basically owns the strip of land, thatís why itís a fairly seedy part of Flower Mound. Bar fights and street woman and criminals live there, gambling is rampant, and Samuel doesnít mind as long as he gets a cut. Many times, the cops have come to shut it down, but crime needs to go somewhere, and each time it has shutdown, general crime in the Boom Boom Pirate Forest have gone up. So New Sandy Row is allowed to keep its shops open, providing booze and women to its denizens. Samuel is an Octopus, quite appropriate because he would like to have his tentacles in everything. He's fuchsia when calm, with a white haired handlebar mustache. He wears little black pointy cowboy boots with spurs on 8 of his "feet" and a little white suit with a top hat and monocle too. He is a mean southern man, and keeps skunks as slaves. He likes to call them "house guests" but its everyone's secret that he bought them from Puerco Rico. His mortal enemy is MoMoMaureen; he would love to own the BEST real estate in town, the peak of Flower Mound. Since almost forever, he's been trying to work his slimy hands into that house. He's tried buying it, stealing it, blowing it up, but nothing has worked. Octopi are known for their problem solving skills, but it seems Samuel is all washed up. Recently, he has debuted "Wild Willy's Steamboat Casino" in the Tadpole Lake and is thinking about releasing another one in the River of Sallad. Many thought he was finally starting a clean business, well as clean as gambling can be. But within months of its grand voyage, he staged a robbery of his own boat, just to reap the insurance benefits, the publicity wasnít bad either. He was jailed, but an octopus can squeeze out of mostly any situation. The ones who robbed him took most of the fall, but they are nearly just as infamous as Samuel Oswald Pitt III.

Aptly named, the Oyster's 11. Their careers began after being scooped up out of the ocean and were sent to be prepared at a fancy Las Vegas Restaurant in a fancy Las Vegas Casino. Coincidentally, a group of thieves by the name of Ocean's 11 was robbing the casino blind, the Oysters escaped in the calamity, and oysters not being the brightest bunch just decided to follow in their footsteps...Oyster style.

Near Knot-South, is the first church of Mirology...simply put, the Church of Mirrors. A mirror is a reflective surface, but not all mirrors are solid panes of glass. Often times, a mirror can be seen in a puddle of water; although not as clear, it is a mirror that one can pass through. Sometimes mirrors appear on land in hot hot temperatures causing mirages. The Mirsavists believe that there is a basic super structure of a multiverse that is shaped like an infinite sided polygon of a mysterious hyper liquid. An infinite side polygon can be considered a sphere, but the Mirsavists make a distinction. Every side of this multiverse is one universe. Each event in this universe is like a pebble striking the water creating a ripple effect. When the small waves reach the borders of the individual universe, they begin to squeeze into the small cracks between the universes, the negaspace, and the closest thing to a heaven for the Mirsavists. When so many ripples began flowing in between the universes, eventually a body of "water" large enough is formed to create a new universe. This has been going on for infinity, creating more and more universes, some very strange, some very similar, depending on the ripples that came to create it. Into these new universes, old souls from past universes are remade, resurrected, reincarnated. These plates, not planes of existence, lay side by side by side for eternity forever. Occasionally, some plateís ripples may grow so large that the waves crash onto the banks of other universes, a certain parallel universe travel, these are called Brother Plates. Other times, the plates may lie so close together, they join very loosely, and they become sister plates. Travel between the two plates may then occur accidentally throughout time, creating mysterious zones of infamy. These zones may be a few feet across, or miles across. Black holes are instances, where a connection is so vast, that one universe literally begins to pour into another. The Mirsavists believe some events actually pop holes into the Multiverse. Ripples do not occur then, but whirlpools. Existence for a brief period pours unto itself, into a non-negaspace, the closest thing to a hell to the Mirsavists. There is no escape from the non-negaspace, it is the core of the Multiverse. The remnants of an infinite amount of universes do not have the bonding properties of ripples that have flowed into a negaspace. It is a zone of complete rejection, creating complete chaos of unimaginable circumstances, since the existence of another universe is incapable to fathom unless one visits another universe, but then they are a part of that universe and not a part of the other, so they lose their ability to fathom their past universe. The psyche only has the capability for one existence. Some New-Mirsavists have begun claiming that the non-negazone actually rebonds to other universes eventually, creating pockets of chaos. They also claim that if one could determine where these pockets would occur or could somehow control the pockets of chaos, they would become quite powerful. Traditional Mirsavists cry blasphemy. There isnít a very definitive concept of god in Mirology. The closest thing to gods and prophets are Plate-Jumpers, Plate-shifters, or Home-finders. Plate Jumpers are those who've said to have appeared from another universe, through their own means, either scientifically or spiritually or anyway, since those terms lose meaning. A rocket sends a man in a shell, a coma sends a vision, and a drug sends a feeling. Although many said they have jumped a plate, not many of these claims are believed. If they've jumped so easily, then how come plate-jumpers of other universes havenít jumped into ours? If they do try to jump, the farthest they hop may be the borders before their negaspace. Those who reach an almost god like status, are those who the masses believe have reached another universe or have come from another universe, but there is no way of really proving who they are or where they're from. Also, they must be of the extremely rare sort to retain some kind of knowledge of their past universe. Often the knowledge is either twisted or broken in some pieces; the human brain is a fragile thing. It is only the blessed that remember.

The most recent Mirological event is the discovery of a sister universe. Although widely known, it is widely disputed if this is definitive proof of the Church of Mirrors ideology. Two places, the Harbor of Knot South where the British Old Man mysteriously sailed in from his "other" world and Arizona, where the crickets go. Everyone knows the crickets go to Arizona, but no one has ever seen a cricket in Arizona after they've left. Which Arizona are they going to? It was only when a cricket from the Church of Mirrors returned from Arizona playing a new unearthly song that Mirology deemed that Cricket's Arizona is a different Arizona of Satex. The Oyster's 11 claim to have been back and forth from another universe, but no one believes these smooth criminals. Although strangely, Oyster's 11 first job with their team-name actually occurred a few months before Ocean's 11 actual first job at the casino. Occasionally, other events occur that the Mirsavists claim are some kind of plate jumping/shifting.

A plate shifter is basically a person, place, thing, or idea that exists as a ghost. That seems to appear at random or in only certain locations. Some rare ghosts appear bringing messages or warnings or prophesies, what you would call Angels or Devils; however you like your tea. Divine nouns.

Finally, a Home Finder is what you would call a reincarnate. Those whom through some miracle have reclaimed their existence from a prior universe. Somehow, their energy has passed unaltered through the ripples of universes. When these things in general, because it may occur in simple inanimate objects, begin a natural drift to their past universe. When this occurs in a sentient creature, it will create the worst personality crisis in any individual. Only rarely, almost never, mostly never, the reincarnate will be drawn so powerfully that it can eventually Plate-Shift-Solid. In other words, disappear and reappear in its prior universe either reborn or in its original shape. The Mirsavists only have 2 instances of this, their fabled first Plate-Shift-Solid, the holy Romeo Chimpanzee. He is long dead, but he is the first, the first creature to cross the multiverse from another universe, and the founder of the Church of Mirrors. The second, is the second coming of the holy Romeo Chimpanzee as the holy Romeo Capuchin, he died soon after his arrival, but wrote a second testament, telling them the ways to reach the negaspace and become reborn with him as he has once already into a new beautiful unified universe. The end result, according to Capuchin, is the merging of all universes, the merge of the multiverse, a complete negaspace surface. All Mirsavists believe that the Church of Mirrors is the Church of the Multiverse, and that all universes have in one way or another, a version of this church, and that all universes will one day end and become boundless in its infinity. Amen.

Highway Eye 90 that runs behind Main Street Mountain is the largest roadway in Satex; it runs from Flower Mound to Sallad, and many paths in between. It crosses the Tadpole Lake, and is the tallest bridge ever! It is so high, that the people that built the base of the bridge never saw the people that built the top of the bridge. They just kept building into the sky, and the sky met them halfway. It has the nickname of "Dream Catcher's Alley" but itís officially named the Eye 90 Bridge. Sadly, some people hate to live or living hates them, and when that happens, the creatures of Satex begin to dream rather than live their life. They dream so much, that they canít distinguish after awhile between waking life and sleeping life, and many find their final steps walking off the edge of this bridge. It is a sad sad sight, but no one can stop a dreamer who's dreamed to far. So these hapless bodies donít even really fall, they float gently down wind. The winds coming up the bridge are so strong, that a little below the road, you can see what looks like a small lake of leaves that have gotten stuck between the updraft and the downdraft. It is quite beautiful; itís forever autumn on the Dream Catcher's unfortunate time of the year, the season of dying. At the base of the bridge are the very rocky shores of the Main Street Mountain cliffs and the Tadpole Lake. The place where the Dreams are Caught, itís almost impossible to see through the thick smoggy fog, and the grass grows grey. An occasional bone pokes through the gravel, and an occasional skeleton walks listlessly through the shallows. Empty eye sockets staring forever at nothing. Among the rocks, white crabs scatter here and there picking at the remains of the dead and fleshy possums make nests in nooks in the massive bridge columns. Dark crows float on humid breezes with eyes of onyx. A few people have chosen to live down here, mostly hermits or criminals. But the criminals donít bother the hermits, because a hermit has no worth to a thief. The poorest most desperate thieves live down here, so desperate they usually steal from each other and rarely even venture into town. As if the skeletons that walk werenít enough, the occasional ghost of incredibly infinite depression will fade through rocks and walls. The wind passing through the elaborate rotting Art Deco architecture of the bridge creates the unmistakable sound of sobbing. The early morning waves crashing on to the rocky banks, echoes throughout the cliff walls like the fires of fallen soldiers and bridge workers. In the cliffs, mazes of caves and gravel paths seemed designed to get you lost will get you so mixed up, when you finally seem to have made sense of where you're at, you'll notice that the columns seem to be plunging into the earth, and that the sky has turned to ocean. The world literally turns upside down and inverted and outverted and as confused as the emotionally wrecked dreamers of years before. The land has a twisted torn ripped feel; the sands of the shore have the look and feel of the skin of old men. You can go crazy if you spend too much time under the bridge. All fairy tale stories of goblins under the bridge are just a warning against insanity. There are real goblins under those bridges, the weakened vestiges of lost men. They are greedy and truly indifferent. In their ruthlessness, some have even chased innocents even further out of from where the Dreams are Caught. Luckily, goblins are rare, most are eaten alive by crows, or are caught by the equally merciless tide as they sleep. The criminals down here spend most of their time collecting the Prince's Poppy and brewing a special sinful elixir. More powerful than alcohol or opium, it has the characteristics of both. A smoking liquid. One should never smoke the Prince's Poppy, unless one wants to enter hell in their earthly form. The Prince's Poppy is said to allow the smoker to clearly see the ruins of actual hell. Criminals smoke it to allow themselves to lose their morality, to commit all crimes no matter how vile. This is the vice of serial killers and rapists, of religious fanatics and fundamentalists. The water underneath the Highway Eye 90 Bridge is said to be cold and dead. No fish will live near the bridge. Only worms and a legendary sea serpent that eats worms. Many ships have crashed and sunk making the pass under the bridge, and many have disappeared all together. Some suspect that in the building of such a massive monolithic bridge, there might've been some adverse effect on the immediate environment. Although many lean towards a scientific reasoning, a growing minority believe in a more mystical explanation. Extremist Groups have picketed to demolish the bridge, to stop the dream jumpers, to save where the Dreams are Caught and other movements. But every day, hundreds drive across it going to work, never even noticing the Sleepy Dreamers wandering on the sidewalks, climbing the guard rails...and then you've drove on by.

Driving across the lake, toward the city of Sallad, the trees begin to thin around you and the air gets tired and dry. Giant Cacti begin to tower above the dark pines, and soon there's only the cactus and sands around you. This is Earth Crack Country, known for its spectacular canyons, ravines, and treacherous roads and paths. An engineering miracle, the hanging roads of Babylonís bluff, hangs from cables in the canyon's depths. These canyons are massive and the roads are fast and twisting. In and out and above and sideways through and through the canyons. Rockslides are common and quick, and have been known to knock cars right off the road into the rapids below. Deer with Ranger outfits driving Broncos patrol the roads night and day.

Scurrying about the canyon walls and plateaus and desert formations are the creepy Dirt Men. They come from space, they are aliens. Well, alien energy forms. They crashed their ships many years ago in Earth Crack Country. They're true forms are unknown, only a few witnesses had seen them crash and emerge. Blue Shapes of undistinguishable form, and almost immediately began to gather the sand at their feet and covered their bodies. Now only too black dots for eyes are their only distinguishing features. They have no fingers or toes, just rounded arms and legs and a rounded head with no neck. You should try to get as far away from them if you encounter one, because they are sure to abduct you and bring you to their crashed space ship. No one has been able to do anything about the Dirt Men, normal weapons have no effect on their sand bodies, and their very visible crashed ship has no detectable entrance. It appears to be a mangled mass of metals and plastics baking in the sun. Many have tried to analyze it and explore it, and to capture Dirt Men that spontaneously appear, but none have been successful. The only thing the government has done for the situation is to put up "Dirt Men Crossing" signs along the highway. According to the theory, the formless energy aliens could use any substance to create their bodies, and some have reported Lava Men found in caves underground and Rock Men in the mountains. The Rock Men are thought of as being a benevolent alien race.

Driving onward on Highway Eye 90, you'll also past the forest of cactus...You wouldnít want to run at high speeds through this thorny trap. Some small birds live here and small rodents, but nothing larger than a fist can survive without getting pricked. Owls sit on the Cactus domes waiting for an occasional meal. Itís a creepy site at night; owls' eyes line the horizon of this forest. But Owls are friendly, and in their spare time, they like to weave little figurines out of tumbleweed grass. Sometimes they even fill them with little delicious candies found in their travels. Owls have quite a sugar tooth, thatís why they canít resist biting into Tootsie Roll pops. Some silly owls like to steal hats and where them. Especially graduation caps. They love graduation caps. They also steal glasses or monocles or bowties or other intellectual fashion costumes. They are so silly when they arenít preying on mice; they have little clubs where they practice poor British accents. Owls arenít smart though, not smart at all. Some even consider them the dumbest animals of all. They do have a strange habit of making clever sounding riddles that really mean nothing. Or wise sounding advice that leads you nowhere. You should never listen to an Owl. The sad thing is that many children become quite deceived by the Owl's silly outfits and silly accents and silly advice and believe itís real. These are the kids you hear about that fall into wells and get eaten by witches. Poor kids, fluffy birds have fluffy brains.

The nearest town to the Cactus Forest is a ghost town. 50 years ago, a lone dark cowboy walked into town, and with a single pistola and a sawed off shotgun, killed the entire town. This most traumatizing scene was burned into the atmosphere of the town, repeating the event on a regular schedule like a steamed up geyser. Deer Rangers patrol the area fairly regularly, to discourage young teens from trying to party around in the town. You're likely to get shot by a ghost bullet if you hang around to long anyhow, and that'll give you an instant flu. So instant, you'll probably faint instantly. They call it Ghost Fever. Itís not fatal, just painful as haell. The Deer Rangers usually donít notice the small little vehicles carrying Punk Rock Mice though. Punk Rock Mice love the Ghost Town. Itís like a rite of passage for any punk rocking mouse. Punk Rock Mice dare each other to spend an entire night in the Ghost Town while drinking small miniature 40 oz.

Punk Rock Mice are the worst kinda mice. Most Mice just eat through your electrical wires and cause small annoying fires, but Punk Rock Mice usually just find a small area and hold very loud, to mice standards, very dirty, very tiny concerts in clothes driers and pantries. They eat all your food and spill booze everywhere, and your food pantry will smell like pot for weeks. They also rip you off, skyrocketing your electrical bill. They might play small, but the electricity costs the same for them as it does for you. Then whenever you catch them, they tend to have the bad habit of rioting as they leave, trying to overturn couches, but usually only succeeding in flipping your sneakers over and spray painting anarchy signs on them. And itís such a pain to arrest them. The cops usually keep them in a shoe box that they keep in the glove compartment. When they put them in jail, itís usually just another shoebox with a phone book lying on top of it and a few holes poked in the sides. Most mice are hard working animals, some can be annoying and occasionally late on their rent payments, but thatís not all of them. House Mice can be a beneficial component of many a neighborhood, even apartment mice too. Occasionally, country mouse visits city mouse and vice versa. But Punk Rock mice are the worst; no one likes them, not even punk rock humans. There are such things as the Hippie Mice, but they're rare, and they usually live in communes out in the country. But they do have cute organic ponchos and guitars.

Earth Crack Country is pretty large; it is the second largest desert in Satex. There are many small towns that pot mark the land, and their is a rail that whines between them heading towards Sallad. It is the Transnational Railroad. There are stretches of rail that donít see civilization for miles. It is the wild wild Midwest of Satex, and two groups roam the lands. They are the Cowboys and Indians of the Gypsy Nation. Once the largest traveling performing group of gypsies ever, they're theatrics became so infamous, it divided them in to permanent roles of a play they were putting on at one point. They're psyches were shattered and now a few hundred Cowboys and a few hundred Indians wander Earth Crack Country looking for fictional gold and hunting each other down. Occasionally the performances collide with the rest of the world's reality, and there's been a handful of Train Robberies in Earth Crack Country. The Indians sometimes will raid an entire town and go scalping. They are a scary site, the gypsies. They cake on makeup and poorly made costumes, and speak with incorrect accents and madeup Indian languages.
The Cowboys have built a small fort in the middle of the desert, Fort Worthless. It is really a small theatre set, they've even carved stadium seating in the surrounding hills. Here, they hold occasional battles of prepared lines and choreographed combat. The only thing that is real is their deaths.

The City of Sallad is surrounded on all sides with a white wall. It has one large entrance, which you must pass through the gates of the Golden Bear. It has a statue of a Golden Bear atop its arched entrance way. It is the capital of Satex, and where the central government resides. Many many many people say its all hoshposh halabazoo tom foolery, and that Satex has no government. The government of Satex is truly a mystery. People know there is a congress, and that there are yearly elections, but not many people know exactly what the congress does. There was once a queen, but she was assassinated, but nobody knows by who, but then again, the congress has never decided to hold a formal investigation. There are 300 seats in the Congress, but no majority parties. Each seat in congress represents a small region of Satex, like a county. Many of the counties are part of larger regions in Satex or they stand alone as individual city regions.

LORD LAVATRON!!! THE MOST EVIL DARKEST MAN? IN THE WORLD! Well, the UNDERWORLD! He is the Lord of the Lava Men. When the Aliens crashed many years ago, their first abductee was the awful genius man of 77 rockets. He was in charge of a failed expedition of the new mirologist movement to the negaspace. He built 77 rockets and sent them into space with 77 astronauts, but as the media called them at the time, the NegaNuts. None of the rockets ever returned. The Mirsavists believed they accomplished their mission, but Genius Man of 77 rockets knew better. He built the rockets and he built little pieces of his brain into the hardware. And when the rockets blipped out of existence somewhere in space, so did pieces of his mind. He slowly went mad, 77 times. He began to seclude himself more and more, building elaborate laboratories in caves and sewers, where no one would bother him. Some where he believed, one of his rockets did reach a destination, but it wasnt the negaspace. It was another planet, far far far far far far far away. To retrieve this rocket, was his only goal from then on. He built many of instruments of magnets and mind tricks, until he developed the ultra refined lava mind magnet. It is the last thing he recorded inventing in his found journals. Soon thereafter, UFO phenomenon began occurring near his reported whereabouts, and then there was no more Awful Genius Man of 77 rockets. Just a burn mark on the roof of a warehouse he was working in. A burn mark in the ominous shape of the Genius Man. It wasnt more a week after this event, that the Alien Ship crashed into the earth. After this, only speculation can answer Lord Lavatron's origins. Possibly, one of his original 77 rockets was aboard or a part of this alien craft. And on this alien craft, a part of his ancient once sane brain remained calling to his owner, softly influencing the behavior of the Aliens aboard the craft. Through reasoning of their own they abducted The Genius Man, possibly considering him the smartest man alive because he possibly contacted them and directed them to earth with his ultra refined lava mind magnet. Once aboard, his space experienced, wise beyond lightyears old brain reunited with the Awful Genius Man's old insane brain, and created a destructive explosive pyschic force never before seen by human, animal, or alien alike. In a battle of demented worlds, The Awful Genius Man began a one man revolt against his alien captors. Successfully, he did acquire quite a following in this war, but not without hefty casualties. In the final battle outside the orbit of earth and theoretically outside the realms of earth time, the mutiny of the Aliens tore the race in half whilst tearing the ship in pieces. The wreckage came falling through our sky, luckily in the desert. Lord Lavatron gathered his Alien Men and went once more into a hellish land of lava and magma deep below the surface. Where he lives, if you can consider him living, is unknown. What he does is a mystery. They fear, he is building one last rocket, using the earth's core itself as the engine. To finally accomplish the one task he never completed, the journey to the Negaspace. The Mirsavists especially fear him, to them, salvation is on the line. To destroy the earth to create a rocket would create such a force, it may even puncture the fabric of space! The blackhole would suck everything up, sucking it into chaos, into the non-negaspace, into HELL. Lord Lavatron is a satan, experimenting with properties of non-negaspace slippage particles, with dark magics.

He is even responsible for the sad gassy existence of the Puffer Pipe Fish. These little fish were first taken from their happy ocean lives and negetically engineered to become little lava engines that due Lord Lavatron's bidding. Fortunately, their allegiance to the sea allowed many to resist their brainwashing and Lord Lavatron's experiment failed. Unable to exist in a liquid environment any longer, they took to deep abandoned sewage systems and created a strange culture devoted to learning and healing. One day, they believe, they will be able to reverse the effects of Lord Lavatron's experiment, and join again their sea-abled cousins.

Our knowledge of Lord Lavatron comes from the Puffer Pipe Fish. Looking for someone to help them, they occasionally would send emissaries to Sallad to share and gain information. They also would invite many to stay in their healing tubs. Unfortunately, many are afraid of these burping gentle creatures, so their efforts have not been very successful. But Lord Lavatron is no longer a legend, he is alive and doing ill.

The globe of Satex is called Erth. It is a planet centered system. The sun rotates around a center planet. It exists near the edge of the universe in a 5th dimensional plane, but in the center of the universe in a 3 dimensional plane. The Multiverse exists in infinite dimensions, and all universes within it in 5th dimensions. The multiverse would appear as a giant faceted sphere in 3 dimensions, but that isn't a direct accurate translation. But the individual universes exist on a plane on in the multiverse, which is one dimension, and the 3 dimensions within the universe exist within a higher dimension within the universe. Almost like a bubble within a bubble among a group of an infinite amount of bubbles. There are many ways to describe the same phenomena of the multiverse, and none are completely accurate.

On the Erth, Satex is considered the center, and all things are North South East and West from it. North of it is Adanak. Adanak is cold but has warmer coasts than expected, in its West are tall ragged mountains, and plains for the easter of the portion of the country. Above the plains and near the foothills of the mountains, a thick coniferous rainforest grows very thickly. Some of the strongest thickest trees grow in these forests. This is where KINGFOOT lives. The northernest section of Adanak loses its vegetation gradually and becomes a frozen land on a frozen ocean. The shores are very rocky and icy, and rip boats to shreds. The ice becomes thick near the poles, creating a small continent of ice. In its center the ice falls through, and the ocean falls too, and everything falls into a dark hole. It goes to the center of the globe, and comes out at the bottom of the globe. There are a few small towns in Adanak, it is the least populated country but has the largest farms. The homes are made of stiff grasses and dry woods or bones from the large beasts. But near the coniferous rainforests, elaborate log cabins can be found, even log mansions. Some homes are dug out of the trunks themselves, and deeper into the forests, you can find towns hanging in the branches. One very tall ancient tree, is the location of the deepest lake and tallest waterfall. Ancient Extinct Giant Termites hollowed the trees, and it was filled by rain water, and to this day, it is filled each year anew by the rains, and from it, water cascades down its rocky barky exterior.

Very Far West, or Possibly very far East, are the shores of Napajh. It has tall rolling grassy hills, which are tall only to avoid the almost equally tall waves that crash into its coast. Not much is known about Napajh, its geography is uncertain. According to some reports though, the ocean is a jade hue, and the skies are pinker.

To the East of Satex is the Country of New Rez-Jet. It is a sprawling industrial metropolis. It is very polluted and no natural rivers exist, only a system of sewers and reservoirs dotting the landscape. Roads and Wires crawl through any available space, and smoke stacks spit wet yellow clouds into the sky, which cannot be seen. Near the coast, algae grows so thickly that special machines must burn it regularly. Many nights, the sea itself is aglow with flames. Its hard to spot any actual life besides the algae, they are usually encased in shells of machina doing little preening and pricking jobs on the cityscape. Other people live and work deep within the city buildings, and the rich live in balloon homes floating above the polluted clouds, near the edges of space. Animals do live in New Rez-Jet, but not many. Many small rodents and outcasts of society, end up making their way north-east to NRJ. NRJ is home to the largest spaceport on Erth. Evil People tend to live in this citystate. The Car Bombs are manufactured in NRJ and exported all over the world.

considered close by space measures is the Power Cats system. A large binary system which is the home and battle ground of the Power Cats, a legendary race of Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Jaguars, Bobcats, Caracals, Lynxs, Cheetahs, and strange hybrids. These cats begin as small kittens on Erth. But these kittens have the faces of middle aged men. They remain these surreal creations, until they remember that they arent just men or kitties, but a cat yielding planet destroying powers. When they remember, they can decide to transform into their destined feline vessel. Each PowwerCat's power is an amplification of a benign kitten habit. Such as lapping milk from a saucer or stepping oh so softly. Once they've transformed, they must find a wife and take to the stars to return to the beautiful palace planet. There, they compete for the highest room in the palace, always held by the most powerful cat. Each cat has a certain level, 24 begin the highest level to achieve. Although there is no cap on power, the rates end at 24 signifying the hours of a day. The last hour is the first hour, the end and the beginning. There are also 24 fights in one day, although occasionally there may be less or more. The most powerful cat in the PowerCats hierarchy is said to be able to easily destroy an entire galaxy or possibly an entire universe, it is only said because it is the most taboo of all taboos to PowerCats to ever use their powers outside of their BATTLEZONES. If they are to be used, it must stand up to all morality and be judged on a life or death basis. Despite a Cat's moral standing though, if powers are used outside of the BATTLEZONES, that is automatic banishment from the Palace.

The Battlezones are all surrounding the larger star in the binary system. A few planets orbit this sun, and a thick energy absorbing nebula engulfs the cosmic bodies. The nebula's fog only allows a faint glow through it, and a large comet that makes figure-8's around the two sister stars. The PowerCats ride the comet in and ride the comet out. The comet must be made out of some mysterious substance, because it is the only thing that doesn't lose energy passing through the nebula. Only by being shielded by its gaseous tail do the PowerCats survive the trip, otherwise they would eventually succumb to its sleepy nature.

Near the Eastern Most Ocean of the Western World is the North Eastern Mega-Megopolis. It has many names, and none are agreed upon. But it most frequently goes by York. York is the call of the boat patrols, which occur every night. Often nights, prisoners of the factories and warehouses attempt an escape through the water ways of this densely populated city of pipe and stone. The boats call like whales in the inky river, for those who are splashing about, desperately to reach an opposite shore. But in the darkness, the river stretches into a sea. Physically, like a vile of india ink spilled upon a fabric. It absorbs into the fabric, stretches out, and the fabric is stained permanently. Scientists study this river, and its shoreless illusion, but those who search for the shore surely find it, and those who believe it all hopeless surely sink. This is the fate of anyone in the river, and the desperate fugitives always know they'll fail before they begin, so the boat patrols always call out their name, their city's name, "York" and the fugitives are captured and put back into their factories.

"YOOooooRK" It is a soft delirious call...Derived from the word "Yours" as in something belonging to you, but with a sharp "K" sound reminding you its not yours at all, its always there. York has a language all its own, based on the emotional connotation of sounds themselves. Letters that relieve like O and cut like K. The people themselves are either captured slaves from all over the world, or rich grey aristocrats that believe themselves the capitalists of the world, the centers of culture. They call themselves "The Phoenicians" not knowing what it was, just knowing it is ancient.

And it is in York, this city of gilded gold sewage pipes, and copper and silver submerged trains that race through tubes of mercury, that the Devil lives. Here, an ancient giant fruit lies rotting at the center of the city. Fruit Flies proportional to its size, buzz and buzz and circle like buzzards above. Maggots crawl and chew through its festering meat, creating a cheese like appearance out of a blackened apple. This apple, the symbolic fruit of sin in the christian bible, is the last bit of organic life in the city. Oh yes, so there are people and animals, but they have adopted their roboticism from their culture and forsake their humanity. But frequently, the humans return to this pit, and for a price pay for a piece. But even this corpse of a seed, with its toughened flesh, is suspended in a certain half-life with chemical and mechanical aids. Pipes and poisons course through its swiss cheese architecture, and its own escaping life, measured. Measured so precisely, that it forms an immense clock, each of its dying parts, a gear in its clockwork. This Apple, from which all pipes come to a center, is the solar plexus of York and it is the heart. Here is where neon grows like fungus, distracting the thin-eyed tourists.

They can't see so well to begin with, leave vision for those wide eyed horses. The thin boned, thin skinned sentries, carrying blue luggage. Occasionally the luggage spills all over the floor, stepping into the horse's dung, and snatches up a man or a woman. These blue men, on brown horses. In the dark eyes of a dying horse, are the reflections of the neon growths, and the reflections of shadow. The service industry of scantilly dressed women and diseased men. The dry mouth of a horse speaks, grunts, disagrees. All animals know, even in York, what sin is. Only mankind, with its large brain, allows sin to be packaged behind thin layers of textured latex. Animalia are natural, there is no gay or promiscuity, there is mating and enjoyment, there is no war, but there is violence. In the city, the representation of the apex of civilization, Man grows up. Man knows what sin is, and man creates it, and man is responsible for his own sin. And the Man rides upon the Horse, the Dying horse sees the City, but is strapped to the phony phoenicians and rides them around the rotting artificially flavored and colored heart.

The city grows too, grows up and out, silently conquering neighboring lands. To its east, a thin sinking island floats and cries in the fog. The city's tumors absorb what is left of it, although it's fate is known. This sandbar has nothing but its Queens and Kings and Crowns, but they are just actors. And York has always been known for its actors, as York does put on the best plays. York, is a tragedy of machines. Each pipe must be measured before it is laid. To the west, across the Inky River, telescopes and viewing glasses are positioned toward the gleaming view in the East.

But notice how the copper pipes shows its moss on its belly. The large behemoth in the bay, has also been covered in moss. Her flame extinguished many unknown nights ago by its dew. Everywhere in York, a creeping moss moistens the landscape. The sanitation workers try their best to clear it off of public and private property, but all public property is usually just as private. But no private property is completely private. Private in its isolation, but public in its view. Every week, another train is jammed on that rootless shrubbery, and various "Men at Work" signs seem to bloom like flowers in the moss. Even the inky rivers bubble with algae. Like blisters on veins, the entire plumbing of the city burns. The Sanitation Dept. uses flames and fire to clear the flora or the fungus, whatever it is. So in the night, if you watch through one of the many telescopes that watch this city, you can see rashes. Rashes on the steel skin, glowing hot with pain. Yes, the moss is gone, temporarily, but so are the rats and the pigeons and the squirrels. Those innocent victims, sometimes the flame ignites the gaseous polluted air so quickly, that only ashy outlines are left on the surfaces. So this city grows, but it dies now. Have you ever listened to mud, how it sucks at your feet? How the grass whips through the wind? But now the mud it whispers, because it knows. The grass has begun to retreat, but the mud stands prepared. The moss and its revolution and the proletariat of nature sits nervously waiting. Soon the moss will suck the life straight from the metal, already the oxygen giving plant rusts the iron. In places deep deep deep deep deep deep below, where the sewers race each other downward, the pipe has become as brittle as sand. There, unseen, except for the subterranean inhabitants, a beach of sewage has formed. This beach grows by the hour, and soon, higher in the pipe dreams, the Humans and the animals will all fall down, into a quicksand of their own fecal matter and garbage. It will happen one night, the entire city will fall. Maybe a rocket will smash into its core, and the millions of miles of intestinal piping will collapse.

But all runs smoothly at the moment. Greasey. And the world loves York, because it is tasty. It is a candied apple, a tasty burger, a flavorful cup of coffee. It is where the proud Phoenicians live. Where culture and art is manufactured. It glistens.

And so, for miles all around, roads and pipes and currents all wind their way towards York. Even compasses themselves, are manufactured with not just a North.South.East.West, but with a York.

Who is the Coqui Rider? That mysterious green silhuoette in the distance? Who could that be? Look closely, you may see his beady adorable eyes through the visor of his motorbike helmet. This thin amphibian, was born on the border of New Rez-Jet and Adanak, that strange city-town border, where pipes meet prairie. As a small tadpole, he was one of 200 brothers and sisters, as they swam and swam around a small marshy lake behind a barn, the Coqui Rider was out and about, tinkering on small bicycles and motor parts. This was even before he had arms or legs. He was just a head and a tail, but he loved all things with two wheels. By the time he was a poliwag, all the other poliwags were going to school studying for their careers in research and development, but the Coqui Rider, who's real name is Miguel Cuervo, had all but dropped out and was working all but full time as the local mechanic's apprentice. He was almost like a father to the Coqui Rider. He was a fat man of short proportions, with stumpy little feet and wore hats that barely fit his head. His name was Mico. Simply Mico Mechanics was the name of his shop. Here, Miguel grew into a frog and grew into a man. Although he hadn't even made it past 8th grade, everyone always knew him for his wit and street smarts. The Coqui Rider grew up in a worst part of the lake, near the log. Most of his brothers and sisters grew up in the relative safety of the shallow part of the lake, where the weeds were overgrown; there, no fish could swim and the birds found it harder to pick through the grass. But Miguel only had a log for safety, and that log was the home of all the BullFrogs and Catfish, and wasn't the type of place you'd want to find yourself late at night. But he was so smart, he eventually made friends with them all, and he was credited for ending the years long feud between the BullFrogs and the Catfish. Motorcycles were something that BullFrogs and Catfish both loved equally, but they were always competing and racing for the best parts and territory to have fun at, it eventually turned violent. But when Miguel came around, and beat them all at racing, they figured out they could share the lake together and have even more fun, and so the fighting ended.

But there were some animals that never even wanted to have fun, that never even wanted to be happy, they just wanted everything to themselves, and hated anyone who rode on their roads, swam in their lakes. They were, the Octupi. Even the Biggest BullFrog couldn't put up a fight against one of the Octupi. These Octupi would brag that they were really dinosaurs, left over from the Ice Age, and thats why they don't live in the ocean, but no one believes them. They were probably dumped into the lake, by one of the many pipes that lead through the cities of New Rez-Jet and to the ocean. Those pipes are like endless mazes, there's no way of finding your way back, but the Octupi wouldn't admit that. But they're here now, and they drive the loudest meanest Harleys in all of town. Once they found out about the BullFrogs and the Catfish truce, they were pissed. They knew it wouldn't be long before they tried riding on their surf & turf without questioning why not. So they came out with force, and caused a ruckus. They went and bashed all the frogs and fish bikes and trashed their hangouts, eventually there was a confrontation. All the Frogs and Fish came out and a huge streetfight began against the Octupi. They knew they couldn't win though. Frogs only have 2 fists, Fish have none, and Octupi have 8! The Coqui Rider was there, but didn't want to fight, but the Octupi didn't care. After all the commotion, the BullFrogs and Catfish were strewn about like driftwood, defeated. Miguel had run into an old factory and tried to hide, but didn't notice the bottle of kerosene he knocked over next to some barrels of more kerosene, it spilled all over, its liquid fire potential glistening in the darkness, calling for attention, aching to burn. But for now, the only burning was in the hateful eyes of the Octupi, as they stared down at Miguel trying to hide among some garbage bags. For what seemed like an eternity, all what was left was Miguel's cold skinny frog body and the pile of tentacles surrounding him...and silent indifferent outer space. Through the roof of the factory, he could see stars peaking through gaps. Suddenly, the crack of thunder ripped through the factory, and the shrill scream of a wounded octupus echoed through the rafters. No one knew what happened, except that an Octupus had been shot, but by who. In the darkness, Mico the mechanic stood courageously. The stumpy man stood like a monument of strength, because even though they never spoke of it, He loved Miguel, He was the only son he ever knew. He yelled for the Coqui Rider to leave, take his bike, and get out of town. Coqui Rider knew why, he knew the tentacles of the Octupi would chase him forever now, now that one of their own had felt the sting of defeat. The Coqui Rider ran out of there, and jumped on the bike, violent gun shots filling the sky with noise, the slippery sucking sounds of tentacles grabbing and pulling, and then unexpected, and unknown to anyone, the factory exploded into flames. The sleepy town awoke all at once, for the screams of an Octupus can not be slept through. The rest of the night, there was nothing but noise. The crackling of flames, the sound of sobs, the whines of ambulances, and the engine of one motorcycle driving madly around and around and around, then one last sound, the sound of an engine gasping for fuel, sputtering to its death. Miguel's eyes cried, but silently, thinking harder and harder trying to hold the night together, trying to keep the memories fresh, trying to hear Mico. But Mico, he never said a word, he couldn't remember it. Had he heard him yell for him to get out, he couldn't remember. But he knew, Mico never used words. Mico said it all with his eyes. Thats what he remembered, so clearly, like they were still looking upon him. Mico's eyes, soft and calm, wrinkled skin creasing away from them. A sliver of shine cupped them, Mico never cried before, and this time he didn't cry either. But Miguel knew, he knew he'd never see him again.

It was sunset, and the town was just beginning trying to make sense out of it all. It all made sense to Miguel, he wanted revenge, and he felt responsible for Mico's death. If only he was stronger, bigger. But right now, with an empty gas tank, and what felt like a broken rib, he felt weaker than ever. On this dirt road, in the morning sun, he was baking, wanting to just dry out and die. Then two bikes came driving over the horizon, a BullFrog and a Catfish, they came with one message.
It was like the Coqui Rider could read their minds, the note read,"Get out of town, you only cut one of our tentacles, but they always grow back. Get out of town, consider this a head start. We're gonna find you. -The Octupus"
The Frog and Fish tried to tell him how the Octupi had already gone out looking for him. What was left of them, most of them died, but a few remained. So mad, that they didn't even go to the hospital, they just jumped on their bikes, burns and all, and went out in 8 was 10 miles behind them, now 5 miles. But Miguel wasn't listening, he was filling his gas tank, the Catfish had brought some. And before the Octupus could be 4 miles, The Coqui Rider had made it 6 miles. 7 miles. 10 miles. Gone.

He drove to the city, to the large city of York, he knew this to be the worst of them, the worst of the New Rez-Jet cities. The river's inky as Octupus blood, and just as fishy. It was here that the anger and hate from what had happened, festered in his soul. He knew he ran away. The Coqui Rider thought of that day every day, how he ran away three times. Ran from the Octupus, Ran from the Factory, and Ran from the Town. He was a good kid, a little rough around the edges, but now there were no edges. He was a rough frog, his skin looked like a toad. Eventually he lost himself in the city, living his life faster and faster, wanting to crash in a ball of flames. Fast bikes, fast women, and fast drugs. He didn't work, he had no money, what he had, he stole. He was the fastest scariest driver in York, riding the pipes like they was roads. Even his own biker gang couldn't follow in his tracks, thats why his gang was so small. Only 3 or 4 fellow riders at a time, and they always tried to keep up and always died. But then one night, while rounding the corner of a sewage pipe, high in the sky, he saw a woman in red. Normally, he had grown accustomed to just ignoring the color red when he drove. Red for stop signs, stop lights, brake lights, it all just meant slow down to him. But this woman, it meant stop for him. And before his brain could understand the consequences of braking hard on a 150 mph 90 degree hair pin turn at the top of the city, he felt his body jerk and break and fly all at once, the rusty pipes not helping his fall. His bike tumbling down the canyons of steel, and Coqui hanging there, looking into the abyss. Barely conscious, red blood dripping down his leather, dripping into the abyss. Then he felt a hand pulling him up, the flash of red fabric, as he went in and out of consciousness. The distant sounds of sirens and then the soft muffled noise of being asleep.

In the morning of a day, the Coqui Rider, with 3 weeks growth of facial hair, awoke in a stranger's house. The apartment was empty and quiet, also a bit cluttered. He tried to sit up, but a sharp pain beneath his left armpit made him lie down again. So he was confined to the plush bed he lay in for the time. He scanned the room, and tried to deduce where he was. Was it an enemy who had kidnapped him, or a friend who had taken him in. But knowing he had no friends, and all his disputes were settled on the streets, it left only one conclusion; a homicidal maniac. His surroundings did not lend itself to such a conclusion, however. Perhaps it was just a kind stranger. He knew it must be a woman, and he could almost make out what she looked like from a picture on her dresser. Soon, the Coqui Rider fell back to sleep in the dank quiet apartment. At 9:03 pm, a key found its way through the narrow tunnel of a lock, and the knob began to turn slowly. The familiar sounds of metal scraping on metal awoke the Coqui Rider from a cold sweaty nightmare of the night he crashed. As the dream ended, and reality began, the last thing of his nightmare appeared, the woman in red. The woman in red stood above him, with a quirky smile. She wasn't a psychopath at all, she was a dream come true.

It turned out that the woman's name was Lilianda, and she came from the far off lands of Ashruhh, beyond the eastern ocean. It was her first time seeing a motorcycle, and the first time seeing a frog, and was completely amazed at its speed. But then there was a loud screech, and it was the first time she saw a frog in a motorcycle accident. She knew nothing of who the Coqui Rider was or his troubled past, and for the days they were together, all they shared were laughs. Coqui Rider told her his real name, Miguel, and she never asked for anything in return for her hospitality. She cooked for him every night, and brought home the best meats from the Deli she worked at with her Uncle. Eventually, Miguel was healed enough to leave the house, and the first night he went out, he went with Lilianda to an Ashruhn Dinner Feast at the Uncle's home. Everyone loved Miguel, and for the first time since being in Mico's shop, felt that this WAS home. It wasn't too much longer that Miguel forgot all about his street life and ways, and even after he was completely healed, him and Lilianda decided to live together. The Coqui Rider was conspicuously absent from York, and many rumors began to spread that he had died. Miguel didn't mind, he was happy and in love with Lilianda. Every weekend he'd be at another Ashruhn party, and he'd laugh so hard, he'd cramp up. But it started to feel familiar, those late night cramps from laughing reminded him of the way his abs would hurt after a long night of hard riding. Lilianda had no idea how much he loved motorcycles, he tried to keep the Coqui Rider out of their lives as much as possible. But inside, he began to crave the speed again, and he couldn't hide it forever.

It was during this time, that the Octupi's tentacles had finally made its way to York. Unfortunately, it was because of the rumor of his death, that they finally tracked him down. Once the rumor hit his hometown, it wasn't in hushed tones and whispers. The Bull Frogs and Catfish, now no longer riding after that one night, finally began to mourn openly. And the few that knew where he now secretly resided, allowed the secret to slip during their grief. The Octupi, knowing how he escaped one fiery blaze before, decided to investigate on their own, and with their many heavy handed tactics, found no confirmation of his death at all. It was just a rumor, and he was alive. Alive and well. As they squirmed through the underworld of York, they came in contact with the Ashruhnian Strong Men, a large clan of emigrated criminals from Ashruhn. Every Ashruhn family always has at least one family, and the Ashruhn's always live in close communities. They always notice when they are new comers in the area, and a small scruffy green frog is easily noticed. The Octupi knew. They knew it must be him, and then the night came.

It was a tense night, Lilianda and Miguel had been arguing all day and had just settled into uncomfortable silence. A late-night comedian joked on the television, and the heater was making a deafening racket. Outside, the end of a rain storm pittered on the window. Normally, Miguel's coqui frog ears would've noticed the sound of an old car backfiring down the street. He would've heard the sounds of slurping and country radio. But Miguel was deep in thought, thinking about Lilianda, thinking about riding again. Thats what they'd been arguing about. Then finally, he didn't notice the racket of the heater stop. Lilianda walked backed in the room, she noticed, to find out why he turned off the heat. Then suddenly, a pipe in the wall burst, and steam filled the room. Miguel, for some strange reason, knew exactly what was happening a split second before it was too late. Out of the fog, the octagons emerged, peering through the fog, armed with shotguns. Their skin was blazing red, a color they chose to change their camoflaging skin, meant to intimidate. Miguel was on the floor with Lilianda, creeping towards the window. A floorboard creeked, and the Octupi, instinctively shot out their ink. Then, something no one ever had seen before, the gaseous ink, like something alive, absorbed the steam instantly, leaving the room clear to see. The Coqui Rider was spotted, and as gun shots fired, the Coqui Rider sprang at them in a rage. This time, he had to save Lilianda, and in a bouncing fury, bounced between the buckshot of three shotguns, knocked the octupi in all corners, grabbed Lilianda and crashed through the window of their apartment into an alleyway. Lilianda had a small wound in her shoulder, near her neck, and was bleeding. As they rushed out of the alleyway, the Octupi were on the fire escape shooting at them. Their getaway car man heard the commotion and jumped out of the car. Without seeing him, Miguel knocked him out and got in the vehicle, first placing Lilianda in the backseat and ripping his shirt to cover her wound. The old car was tired and cried out in the night as he crashed his foot into the accelerator. In the rear view window as he drove away, he could see the night time flashes of gun shots. Small cracks exploded in the rear window, and his brake lights went out. It was the first time Miguel had driven since his accident, and he wasn't used to the four wheels especially. He could tell this old beast didn't have many more miles in it, and pushed it like a dying horse. He had to get Lilianda to a hospital, but he knew they would kill them both if they stopped moving. This wasn't something Miguel could handle...the Coqui Rider had to ride again, or he would never ride again.

He remembered a spot he used to bike a lot, a spot where some friends, or whatever they were to him, could be found. It was a familiar straight away, it was a first ride for many riders, and tonight, it was gonna be a last stand. He arrived at the beginning of a race, crashing into a street pole, causing the car to glow ablaze. The riders confused, tried to see what had happened. And there he was, the familiar green silhouette, haloed by a furious anger. In his arms, an unknown hurt woman. The Coqui Rider had emerged, he wasn't dead. All the other riders knew it now, and they ran to help him. Although no one knew him personally, he had become a legend in his absence, and now the legend was in trouble. He said one word, "Octupus" and they all knew what had to be done. They all knew the Octupus had become snooping around York, and with that, they already began running the streets the same way they ran their hometown. There was gonna be no love loss for them, only blood tonight. Normally, this was an affair for just the riders, but Lilianda's life was on the line, and even the cops were called. The cops arrived and they drew guns at the bikers, but the Coqui Rider just asked for help. The tears were running down his face, the cops themselves seemed taken aback by the Coqui Rider's appearance. But there was no time to think about resurrection or revenge or even the law itself. The usual pig cops were fellow animal and fellow man, and as soon as Lilianda was placed in a cop car, the Octupi all arrived at the end of the avenue on their Harleys. They roared like ancient monsters, and the tar itself vibrated. On the other end, a small blockade was formed by the cars of the cops and the motorcycles of the bikers. The Cops didn't even issue a warning to go home, they knew the Octupi wouldn't listen, and they knew the Octupi were already keeping any backup from arriving. The Octupus wanted this, they wanted to take even the city that in some way loved the Coqui Rider. This is how the Octupus worked, not just fighting forward like an army, but in all directions at once. Guns and chains and pipes were all ready, then the Octupi began riding down the avenue like soldiers on calvary. The Coqui Rider put on his helmet, and as Lilianda's car drove off, he stood upon a cop car, not hiding behind the blockade, and took aim with a magnum and shot at the tentacled monsters. The Octupi laughed and mocked him, he kept missing. But they didn't know he wasn't aiming for them, he was aiming at the leader's bike. They formed a V-Formation, and as the bullet from Coqui Rider's gun ripped through the front tire of the front bike, the formation quickly disintergrated into a calamitous sliding pile of welding and gears. The crowd of ruffians and men-in-blue stood nervously, and slowly the Octupi began to squirm out of the wreckage. In a moment that froze in history, each octupus flickered its camoflage in a mimicry of flame, and jumped into battle. Car windows crashed, and jaws were broken, but the Coqui Rider could be seen tearing through the air, ripping the limbs of octupi into pieces. His limber body, faster than a rocket, his heart almost exploding with hurt, the Octupi couldn't take it. The Octupi were defeated, for the first time, but no one was celebrating. Those who still stood, just faced the Coqui Rider. He had no answer, he only saw Lilianda. He didn't even see how how his knuckles were broken, how his teeth were knocked in and missing, he only saw Lilianda. He grabbed a motorcycle and sped off into the night, riding like he used to, or even faster. He passed cops heading in the opposite direction, and scenes where the Octupi lost heart and were defeated as well. Eventually, cops and helicopters were on his tail, but it was no use, only Death itself would be able to out run him. And that's what he was chasing. Til this day, he doesn't know if it was a hallucination or something too real, but his eyes saw it and he felt it. He was racing Death, he could see it always beyond his grasp. Lilianda was dying at the hospital, he knew it, Death was on its way. The Grim Reaper, a wispy dusty black motorcycle. Coqui knew the top speed of this vehicle, somewhere around 250 mph, but what it, or he, was doing was impossible. Was it the Coqui Rider's heart that was fueling this vehicle, as sound itself began to drop away, and soon his own surroundings began to diminish into points of light, and those themselves dropped away. But still, the dusty motorcyclist was still ahead of him, although he was gaining on him. He got close enough, that he felt the dust biting his skin. Underneath the visor of the motorcyclist, he could make out the gruesome white visage of a ghostly skull. Where the eye should be, a single point of light pieced Miguel's soul. It was when he knew it, that Death could not be beaten, you can only approach the edge or go over it yourself. There's no room in this netherworld for two, it's a changing lane only. Then as the Grim Reaper sped off to meet Lilianda, a single string of light appeared and a haunting note. Miguel was no longer on his motorcycle, he was in a hospital room, beside Lilianda. She was flat-lining, the Doctors were scrambling around like confused crabs, but Miguel was crying. They tried to remove him from her side, but he would not let anyone release him from holding her hand. There she died. The room eventually emptied, leaving him alone in a half lit hospital room, her soul was gone, and even her body was brought to the morgue. He cried all his tears, and then cried blood.

The next morning, the sun filled his black eyes with light, and he noticed he hadn't fallen asleep, he was just sitting there. He thought of Mico that night, he almost forgot about that life in the last years, but he cried for him too last night. Mico, Lilianda. He wondered why he had no family, no friends, didn't live a normal life, a normal frog life working in a cubicle somewhere, creating computer programs. He thought about motorcycles, why he rode them, why he loved them, why he loved Lilianda and why his love had to die. Did he have to be alone? He had a lot of time to think, his bones would take longer to heal, but it didn't matter. The cops came to interrogate him, but they respected him now, and didn't want to prod to far. They knew his history, but in some ways, he saved the city single handedly. The Octupus would have consumed York, like they did everything else. In the hospital bed, he slept through days, and watched the window every night. He watched for the moon, it reminded him of the face of death. It haunted him, he questioned it. Where was he riding, once he took his souls? Why was he allowed to see Death?

The Coqui Rider left the hospital after a few weeks, the city in a post-gang war calm. The Newspapers would report on Octupus arrests, and new motorcycle laws. It was all pointless to him now. He approached his motorcycle in the parking lot, and was surprised that it was stripped of all its paint, and the speed gauges were shaking and pointing at the top speed, like the bike was still in motion. The engine was hot. He got on, and drove off slowly. Towards a cemetery.

Lilianda's funeral had past, her family probably hated him now. "We do not hate you froggy man," Miguel heard behind him. Lilianda's uncle was there, still in his apron from work, still covered in blood; The Uncle hugged Miguel despite it. It was a feeling that was unfamiliar, but it struck Miguel's heart. In her uncle, he felt Mico. "It not your fault, it beyond your control," he spoke with his broken english, "You love her, so we love you. You becomed like family." Miguel just cried, the Uncle did not talk anymore, and soon they parted ways. In the cemetary, surrounded by all those gray tablets of memory, he began to think about family. He was "like family" to many, but never had any real family. Right then and there, he decided to go home. Not back to his hometown, though he was born there, but back where all the Coqui Frogs live. His family's ancestors first came from Puerco Rico, south of the Sinker's Sea, which is South of Satex.

And there is where you can find the Coqui Rider today, among the palm trees of Puerco Rico. He has made quite a living for himself as a motorcycle customizer and lives alone in a condo in a tree on a beach. He is still young, and occasionally he finds the darkness and loneliness of the beach unbearable. On these nights, you can find him, out on the balcony, tears clouding his vision, looking through a telescope up at the moon.

Across the ocean, away from satex, over turquoise waves that last almost forever. Almost until the waters get quite shallow, and the sand underneath is so black, that the water loses its sparkle, and the sky greys a bit. There lies a vast burnt continent, no one knows who started the fire or for how long it burned for, but there's nothing alive now, just black soil. Occasionally, a small shoot will burst through the earth, and in some spots you can find little groups of them. They look like a crowd of pretty people scared to death of something unknown. Towards the center of the continent, all the burnt ground has been collected by the wind and makes the darkest grimmest desert ever to be seen. From space, this continent looks like a ghastly scar. There are tales in this land, scary lands. Everything is dead or mostly dead or not very alive.

The entire continent was explored once and never again, for the expedition that was led to explore was met by complete disaster. The continent does not hide, and for many years, when it was on fire, you could see it out to see for a hundred miles. When the flames extinguished themselves, a rich Lobster decided that he'd be the first to stake claim on the empty lands, so he gathered a many men and animals to join him. Sir Reginald Lobster, as he was called, loaded his ship with candies and luxuries, these all proved to be an unforeseen terrible mistake.

The first unfortunate event came before they even reached the continent, they all came down with a mysterious flu. It must have been carried on the wind, the virus itself. The air was dry and dead out on the coast of the continent, and not even flys or fleas fluttered or flipped. The flu even spoiled the food. So when they arrived on the continent, all were mad with hunger. The hunger was so mad, that the natural carnivores in the group attacked all the natural herbivores. A poor red horse was eaten. After this attack, all the rest who were not trying to eat each other chased the carnivores out into the frontier. In one day, all the gorillas and dogs and boars, cats and bears, spiders, and some men were disappeared (for a time). Those who remained: Sir Reginald, his assistant Crab Legs Cricket, a white horse, a pale horse, and a black horse, a zebra, a chicken, a duck, a goat, 3 men, 3 kittens that lived in the men's pockets, a ladybug, a manbug, and a flying snail. It was the flying snail that saved them. Sir Reginald Lobster wanted to return, he was scared and blamed his assistant for not bringing real supplies. They nibbled on the small shoots that would pop up occasionally. They could not return unfortunately, because their captain had disappeared with the carnivores. The carnivores were living off the black dirt, they were transforming. One dog became a leader of the carnivores, he seemed to be the hungriest and the meanest, and would eat the rocks too. When he arrived, he was an adorable husky, a natural leader. His past life, he was a commemorated alaskan sled dog. His tracking skills were invaluable. But the hero he was in another land, was eaten by the madness hunger flu that they all were infected with. His fluffy soft fur became a greasy black, his skin smelled of rot and turned grey, and most striking was his right eye became a perpetual moon and his left eye blazed a hellish red. The rest of the carnivores all turned black, and their eyes glazed over, their finger nails grew ragged and sharp, and their bones ripped at their skin. In the night they crawled and clawed at the ground, watching the other half trying to get by. The Flying Snail was the most ambitious, every night he'd fly out as far as he could, hoping to find some hope to return to the rest. Sir Reginald Lobster complained often, and the 3 men could not find their 3 kittens. They were not lost, just not in their pockets. When they would find one, another would hide some where else. The Ladybug and the Manbug also argued continously. The horses were considered bad luck and ostracized, and they mourned their friend Red Horse. The chicken, the duck, and the goat chased each other. The Flying Snail knew it was up to him.

When things seemed at their worse, they got even worster. The Carnivores returned one night and took the 4 other horses and rode them into the darkness. The Flying Snail returned in time to see it happen, and chased them by air for as long as his fuel lasted. In the morning it sputtered to a stop, and the Flying Snail made a hasty landing at a mysterious place. 3 pyramids standing on their points, and all the black soot blown away. The floor was a reflective stone, polished smooth, with a long jagged crack all the way through it. When The Flying Snail threw a pebble into the abyss, the abyss gasped with a dry wretch.

The snail could feel a certain nausea over come his senses, vertigo. It felt like the whole world was falling. The Carnivores were near, he knew they would be. Only in a place so tormented as this, would such unfortunate events take place. And so it did. They were around him, the leader stood like hell above him.

"Red Eye Crow Dog" Is what he said.
"This is hell" said the Snail.
"It is." is what he said. The Dead Dog he was.

The Snail began making his way back to his plane, the Carnivores did not stop him. He began to push the small biplane through the dusty ash sand. The Carnivores no longer seemed interested. They seemed to be staring at something, and no longer paying attention to the snail. Their legs lurched forward, and they walked towards the abyss. Then, they just fell in. The Abyss wretched again, and flames licked the cracked lips.

Hours later, he returned to where the rest silent in their desperation. Only a whistling wind spoke..over the crying ocean on the weeping rocks. The ship was gone. They said it just lost all of his holy color, anything that made it a boat, disappeared. It contorted into a wooden monster, but remained the shape of a boat. The Snail understood, not what they were saying, because their words were almost jibberish, but what they meant. Sometimes you can believe everything has a spirit, and spirits can turn to demons. A boat gone the way of the carnivores, and the Flying Snail concluded, into the depths of where they plunged. Those depths, where did they lead? And the Flying Snail learned what this land was. Somehow, something at sometime long ago, ripped open the largest gash on the earth, and in space itself and in everything. And Hell is what burned this land. Ash is all is left. Ash-Ka he named it. Ka was the closest approximation of the evil sound the land made. Years past on this forbidden land, without the Carnivores terror, they managed to keep alive, just barely. The Flying Snail, somehow managed to find or improvise fuels for his biplane. His fuels though, were more combustible than a usual petro. And on its final flight, burst it into blazing flames like a firework. Its fragments scattered on the ocean, like small islands of candle light. It is this that saved their lives, when a wayward naval ship spotted the many lights from many miles away, and investigated. The rest of the characters in this drama were soon forgotten, except for The Flying Snail. On his advice, nobody goes to Ash-Ka. But its shores suck any near crafts in, like a weak magnet. Its hunger flu spreads on boats, and they are destroyed without question.

All that remains of the first and last trip is something of a ghost but less of a spirit. "Red Eye Crow Dog" kills. He is known by many sailors and even pirates, even pirates like BlackBird Raccoon, as something of pure terror. He marks the point in many lost men's lives as the point of no return. His eyes, one of white and one of blood, leave the impression of every loved child and loved woman and loved man instantly ripping the veins in their throat to shreds. His ship crawls with the black shadows of dead zombie men and boars and bears and all sorts. Their is no wind blowing at its sails, and the water does not churn before it. If the Negaspace had a king, it is him. If Hell is a world, then it is where Red Eye Crow Dog sails. His minions are zombies. But why does he persist, and why is the Flying Snail the only creature alive that is unafraid. This demon wants nothing, expresses nothing. Just on those nights, when lonely people drive off to a lapping ocean, and the last thing that has happened was the death of Johnny's girlfriend. On those nights, when its 7 am, but a dark storm has kept the sun from rising, but no rain breaks the ocean's incessant urges, but you're crying, and you start walking out into the water and your knees are shaking. When the water is up to your chin, and your feet are losing the land, you look back and the car is still on. You're drowning. And it wasn't your fault, Johnny's girlfriend and all, but she didn't deserve it, you could've done more; Red Eye Crow Dog's ship sails on the horizon, and you see a red candle flickering in a window. You see him, and you sink below a wave, and its darker than you expected...and you go out as soon as that candle is out of your sight.

Thus far established Lands:
Satex, center of the world
Oxi-Chem, southern island state below Satex
Aneerofeelak, western coast of the NorthWest Hemisphere landmass
New Rez-Jet, eastern coast
The Far North West Lost Valley
The Mid Central Plains Lands
The Northern Forests
Puerco Rico, South eastern island state
Life World, small portal to pocket universe
Napajh, a far western skinny island
Ash-Ka, a haunted eastern continent
Ashruhh, a cold eastern subcontinent near the top of the world.

Huskies are magical dogs, they are like calm wolves. Wolves are magical dogs too, but they are wild. This makes them unpredictable. Because of this, Huskies and Wolves are occasionally rivals or more sensitive to supernatural forces. Wolves, being wild, usually stay exclusively in the wild, amongst nature. Sometimes, they become a force of nature. One clan of wolves are made completely out of snow, their bones are made of the dark wood of winter trees. They live, wherever it snows, but they come from Ashruhh. Sometimes, strangers wandering in a snowy mountain pass, will notice the trees being disturbed, and the Snow Wolves could be seen running swiftly through the branches. As they run so briskly, chunks of their chilly bodies come snowing down, but are replaced automatically by the snow they run through. In a second they are gone, just as passing as a strong breeze. Rangers and other woodsland types, consider them a sign of good luck and a prediction of the seasons; "Where the wolves go, spring chases, Where the wolves play, winter stays," is a common saying.

Another clan of wolves are the crow wolves, they are black wolves possessed by crow spirits. They fly without wings, and have glowing red eyes. They are similar, but not the same as Red Eye Crow Dog. He was a husky possessed by what causes crows to possess wolves. The Crow wolves live in corn fields, and are hated by farmers, because they tear down scare crows and bring flocks of crows in their wake. Crow Wolves are made of black feathers, and when farmers run with their guns to get rid of them, they only manage to shoot greasy feathers all over their crops. Crow Wolves also steal babies. Don't know why. They just do.

Huskies are very modest, and because of this, many don't seem magical at all. But they're eyes are always so twinkly and innocent, that it cannot be denied. A rare breed of Husky is born with beautiful white wings, and are the most noble and protective Husky type there is. The legend has it that they are part eagle. Because of their noble attributes, they are the breed of choice among the affluent who seek guardians for their children. It is an adorable moment, when little girls running out of their private school leap on the back of a Flying Husky and are whisked away.

Baby Hill is a baby hill. It wants to be a mountain, but it is only a hill. Baby Hill walks the lands, following the sun, making little U-shaped paths across the land, completely unaware of the forests he's damaging and the rivers he's diverting. Mountain Faces are too big to move, and tell Baby Hill to stop moving so much. Baby Hill gets scared and cries...flooding poor villages and causing mudslides, then he runs away. Baby Hill running is especially destructive, carving sharp ravines into the ground. Baby Hill believes that he gets a tiny bit taller each time he walks. He does, 1 cm a year approximately. The Mountain Faces just get grumpy when he insists he's getting larger, but the Mountain Faces are actually getting lower and lower. Nobody notices the Plains Man, he's too large to see his face, but he has an opinion. Unfortunately, his voice is too low and too long to be understood. His words are spread out over the wind. It takes a storm for him to complete one word, and years to say a sentence. Little Squirrel Scientists are trying to record all the wind to figure out what he's saying, but Baby Hill and Mountain Faces don't even acknowledge anything else's existence. Baby Hill sometimes likes to go swimming, where he is known as Baby Island. Baby Island loves parrots. Mountain Faces worship the Moon, they call him Big Face. Big Face talks to them, but it takes a month for him to complete one word. One word for every lunar cycle, a bit faster than the plains. The Mountain Faces never understand what he's talking about though, but thats because Big Face is actually talking to Ultra Head. Ultra Head is Erth. Ultra Head doesn't know that Big Face is talking to him though, he thinks that Big Face is just dancing for him all around him...around and around. The Sun far away warms Ultra Head, Ultra Head speaks often with the Sun. The Sun calls itself Hyper Brain, but sometimes just calls itself the Sun; which Ultra Head prefers. All these things go on, oblivious to Atom Omniscient. He is everything smaller and larger than anything's imagination...he exists right outside of the imagination, which means he exists outside of existence.

Since we know in Mirology, that every possibility creates a probability, and probability creates a new universe, it is imagination that is in dominion of creation, then Atom Omniscient creates a new layer in the great Multiverse. The Multiverse is made of infinite individual universes, occasional pocket universes within them, or budding off of them, a Negaspace, and Border Zones. If the Negaspace is an area of complete chaos, a hell. Then Atom Omniscient, would be that which exists outside of the multiverse, which there is only one. Since there is no way of attributing any characteristics of the multiverse to the area outside of the multiverse, it exists as its self as its own. Everything of the multiverse is of the Atom Omniscient, but the Atom Omniscient is even more than everything.

Baby Hill is unaware. Baby Hill just wants to become bigger.


Porcupine Pip. 1st, with alternating quill pattern to change traction ability
Pandas United. 2nd, special panda positions for special situations
Rolli Polli Enrique. 3rd, son of Rolli Polli Ramundo, ultimate champ (retired)

Other contestants:
Hermit Crab (in a tire)
Hermit Crabs using Snail Shell
Snails, slime trail
Dark Sea Snail, harpoon
Goldfish, uses tail to "orb" itself
A Rock
A Jelly Fish, with stinging in all directions ability
Octopus, with camouflaging ability
Sea Urchin, can climb walls
Starfish & Snake
Dragon Egg, Destiny Race
Rolli Pollies
A Fiddler Crab that rides in its Claw
A Boa Python "Ball Python", eats smaller rollers and gets bigger/faster
A Kiwi Bird
A Hippo
A Worm inside an Apple
A Hamster in a Hamster Ball

The ultimate race in Satex is SUPER SPEEED BALL RUN, it is where all circular and semi-circular animals compete for ultimate glory! It all began when a super fast Rolli Polli by the name of Ramundo, was banned from the Star Games (an international event that happens every five and six years) for being too fast. He did not mind, since he himself was bored with even the training sessions. So he formed his own school of speedsters, first only accepting rolli pollies, but eventually anyone that was circular. Sphere's are the fastest moving things in the universe, and so the fastest animals finally were together with a common dream. Ramundo knew the natures of these animals, what's the use of speed if you can't prove you're faster than another? So along with his school, he began the Speed Ball Run. At first, it had only a small devoted fan base, but as the races got faster, its popularity grew. Ramundo's colorful personality also drew crowds, his sequined lucha libre mask sparkled and amazed as he zoomed past. It wasn't long before it was on prime time TV and was officially sanctioned as Satex' favorite past-time.

Rolli Polli Ramundo was grand champion for five years, and it was beginning to seem that nobody would ever beat him. And nobody ever did; he beat himself. Speed Ball Racing takes its toll on the racer's body, and at 30 years old, Ramundo was the oldest in the sport. His metallic spherical casing was beginning to dull and give in places, and Doctors told him that his organs wouldn't be able to take the intense friction heat much longer. He wasn't ready to retire, but his body was. It was winning his last race that did him in. He never noticed it, but the constant breaking of the first place tape, weakened the mid point of his shell casing. As he ripped through it this last fateful time, it cut straight through to his belly. It happened so fast, that nobody noticed his injury until he uncurled to accept his 1st place medal. The crowd's applause suddenly turned to a horrified gasp. Ramundo had spilled blood all over the floor. As soon as Ramundo realized his injury, he collapsed. It was later on in the hospital, that the doctors told him he'd never be able to make a closed sphere of his body ever again. Ramundo was sad, but he knew it was time to stop then. From then on, he became a commentator of the races and the final judge of all races.

Years later, his son Enrique, after discovering his father's old trophies and medals, decided he'd follow in his father's footsteps. His father disapproved, hoping his son would grow up to be an engineer or something using his brain. Enrique is considered a genius, but because of it was always ostracized and hated being the "brain" in school. He ran track in school, but never could run fast enough to be first with just his legs. "Rolling Form" wasn't allowed in competition either.

When he entered his first race, his father did not show up; he said it was to keep the race "unbiased" but Enrique took it personally. He won that race, and because of his name status, was reluctantly thrown into the spotlight. Ramundo, during an argument with his son, poked fun at Enrique's sponsorships, and this caused Enrique to move out. Although Enrique was a genius, critics liked to point out that he wasn't so smart when it came to racing but unbelievably fast. When he began racing he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, but after that final argument, he wanted to surpass them. This led him to think speed over strategy, and he continues to only ever make 3rd place. It doesn't help that his father Ramundo never votes in his favor, but it can't be said that this is out of resentment or his father trying to teach him a much-needed lesson.

The current champion, came to the race at a considerable late age, at 26, Porcupine Pip is a late bloomer. He was a trucker, and sitting all day while eating fast food burritos and donuts made him fatter than a hippo. So he began rolling to lose weight, after he says his girlfriend dumped him for "Sittin' on yo' fat butt all day, whether you're working or at home," It must've been the sting of a broken heart that fueled his training, because he was noticed rolling at a truckstop by a Soda company representative looking for a racer. Pip loved running, and didn't mind the soda, so he didn't mind saying he drank it to keep him super energized. His girlfriend felt pretty dumb for breaking up with him as soon as she saw him on the television, the "Next Best Thing in Super Speed Ball Run".

Pip discovered in his second official race, that he could alter the positions of his quills into special traction patterns like different types of tires. He can quickly go from all-terrain, to street roads, to an air-tight water ball. This gives him one of the most effective advantages, because his speed is never affected by the environment he's racing in. He just speeds through sand, dirt, water or mud like its a newly paved road.

The holders of 2nd place are a team of two Pandas from the far mysterious land of Napajh. They link up to form a plushy ball, that when spinning tends to form a Ying-Yang symbol (Their trademark ball, The Balance Ball). Their strategy lies in making themselves into different ball shapes and sizes for different environments by positioning themselves differently. The Paddle Ball is for aquatic environments, in which they hold each other by their forearms and go up and over each other like a wheel. Although it sacrifices speed, they don't allow the usually tiring water passes to exhaust themselves.

There are some to argue who really holds the 2nd place among the two pandas, but experts accept that it is irrelevant because they can barely be told apart. Also, when they do speak of being the champions, they speak of being the champion for their country Napajh, not for themselves. Their only weakness is their size, they tend to be the largest of all the rollers, and the races can't help but cater to the majority of the smallish racers. The Pandas have trouble on narrow mountain paths. They do have a Tiny Ball move which almost magically shrinks them to half their sizes, but they can't maintain the size for long periods of time, without one of them or both passing out.

On the major race of the year, Destiny Day, the day that decides the champion of the year; a dragon egg has began appearing in the skies above the race a few days before the race. It has appeared so consistently that the race now only begins when the dragon egg comes crashing down in a ball of flame begins tracing the track. All the rollers burst from their positions, always dreaming of passing this fiery orb. None have, it never slows down and it never seems to even notice that others are racing it. Everyone speculates why this dragon egg appears and reappears and races and disappears as soon as seems its gonna rip through the tape. A small fan group has formed that is fascinated by what insiders call the "Egg Question". Regardless, it is very beautiful to watch. It's flames don't burn and has the radiance of aurora borealis, but chars the ground in an unknown language that quickly blows away.

A Strange phenomenon that occurs among Super Speed Ball Runners is the near-death experience. Many champions report that in the last throes of a race, when decisions are made and the body is weak, that the world begins to collapse, and their vision decreases until all that is seen is a single line of bright light. Suddenly, up ahead of them is what looks like a comet hurtling through space; dust and ice chunks forming a ghastly tail behind it. As the rollers approach it though, they say what at first appeared as a mangled chunk of ice, is a rolling skeleton around a shining skull. In the dark abyss where the eyes should be, a single point of piercing light. The rollers say that when you finally can see this point of light, it burns in your heart like nothing you've ever felt before. Then you're back in the race, approaching the finish line, wondering what the hell just happened. Afterwards, with all the celebrating and champagne you forget about it. You only remember it again when you're trying to fall asleep, and its the only thing you can seem to think about. That shining piercing light. That grinning skull.

This near-death experience has been attributed to a time/death singularity. When something approaches extremely high speeds, it can even pass the speed of light and starts to break the speed of time. It is commonly thought that nothing can break the speed of light, but in Satex it is only a barrier not an end itself. But the speed of time, it is the end. When something dies, time for the creature ceases to exist, its soul exists beyond time somewhere else. But things that are still alive can approach that border if they are fast enough, and beyond light in this dark zone, is what they believe is the Grim Reaper, a scary dusty skull with a shining piercing light in its eye hole. The scientists are split on if this spectre is an actual creature or some strange hallucination brought on by the mind to deal with existence with what seems to be a hyper existent multi-dimensional(in the 3D sense, not the parallel dimensions way) void.
Strangely, the phenomenon is invisible to the natural eye. The creature experiencing usually describes a lapse in time of seconds to hours, but remains active and even interactive in some cases. The person is often unable to sleep for a few days after, and may have some gloomy hallucination. Occasionally, a period of clairvoyance occurs. Its reports were at first dismissed, but when enough high speed racers began to have the same experience, experiments led to the discovery of spikes in quantum activity directly correlating with the paths of the racers. That was the only outward signs of anything ever occurring.

The New Man Mountains, mysterious foggy ghostly land, filled with silent black trees
Tree-Banes, trees that uproot themselves during a full moon and go crazy. If someone steps into the hole where their roots were, they themselves turn into a tree-bane.
UrgaBurgas Religion, the religion of Burgers and the Holy Language of Flavor
In other Pacific Ocean cultures, Dakuwanga was a shark god who was the eater of lost souls.
Dragons on the Moon
Dinosaurs of the Far North West
Exodus of the Gigantapes and the evil Vulture Creatures that expelled them
The Angry Sea Urchin government
The main industry in satex is the R&D of transdimensional applications
Kissinger Hippo
Timmy Triceratops
Wooooooper Howler Monkey (with the braid)
Lizard Man Ghost
lizard man monster
The Arctic
The Goliath Battles
The Clouds attacking the Sun (really slowly)
The Wall Eyeds: A Trio of Super Hero Animals that are Wall Eyed: An Owl, A Puffer Fish, and a Pug
Pugs with ice cubes attached to their heads, that swim around in a pool and keep it cool
The Indian Tribe of Cowardly Pugs; Chief Looks the Longest, Warrior Hides in a Box, Looks to the Sky and Worries.
Greesey Bear
The Earth Tones, a rock band made of actual rocks
The Glass Arabian and his horse
Face-Man. He lives in New Rez-Jet, he lost his ability to see faces (prosopagnosia), and everyone lost the ability to recognize his face. Curiously, there is a group of creatures, who's faces are all the same and he can recognize them. And they are the only people who can recognize him. They are secret creatures, doing secret things. Face Man wears a mask of a face.
See Capgras Delusion, for above idea.
Mola Mola; The Sun Fish City; a giant sun fish, with an underwater city on its side, that when it sunbathes is revealed to the world. Must work as a vertical or horizontal surface.
The Council of Chiroptera; a bunch of funny faced bats lead the government of Tower Town. Tower Town; a verrrrry tall tower near AshRuhh, that is a city for flying things.
Time Flies: Time Traveling Flies, they wear cute little helmets
The underworld dachshund sledding man. A short gnome man that rides a team of dachshund's through small tunnels under the ground.
The Bed Gnome, a small gnome that grows in your bed, that lives off of sickness. He tries to keep people sick, so he can stay around longer.

Huang Xin Ren, means Star Man Emperor and King Yu, of the "The Encounter in the Forest" kung fu series
part of the "THREE ZILLION PATHS" a book of many kung fu stories:
Two Warring Clans use destructive letter writing techniques to hurt each other in a feud that noone remembers the origins. A secret paper box that contains the unread secret technique of ultimate destructive letter writing, has been deliberately lost by the peace seeking leader of one of the clans. He gave it to a stranger passing by in the forest, and made him swear to never speak or write a word of it to anyone ever.
Banana Lox & King Canary. A reggae singer and rapper. Banana Lox has bananas for hair, and was a slave on a south pacific island. Where he met King Canary, a solid gold black man who pawned himself off into slavery for a few years. They became friends, and left the island. And with the money from being pawned, he started his own record label.
Hustla' Puppy, Pimp Dog, Slick Talker, and Pugglesnout; 4 dogs from a derelict space colony, that is very urban and hip-hop influenced.

Wolf vs. Bear, a romance of violence!
The Hollow Erth; a large crack in the north and south pole are entrances to a hollow subterranean world of caves and tunnels. At its very center, is a star of Negaspace.
The Very Tiny Donkey with ultra strength but never wants to do anything

The Little King Boy who presents gifts from the mouth of an Orca Whale:

its a little boy with a crown
i picture him having a tiny room inside the whale
next to the stomach
so he gets swallowed, and then opens a door and goes into his room
and sometimes, he climbs a ladder up the whale's spine (on the inside) and he can wear the whale's brain like a hat and see what he sees
and they can work together to save the ocean and do tricks!
he doesnt know his name
he woke up inside the whale
the whale doesnt know either
the whale had a dream of the little boy
and when he woke up, there was a little boy inside him
Triumphant the Elephant!
Ishmael the Whale, a reverse colored orca whale, cousin to davey
Bronze Crabs; Crabs that throughout their life change into different metals, stones, gems, or earthy elements. Their last phase is a unstable element, and they explode into many tiny crabs, and they all go through the same phase.
Ofada, Sesilu's Father, who rides a wolf.
Meteoropolis, the city on the meteor
Beach Children, children that come out at night out of the sand on beaches to forage for scraps of food
The Argonauts: Space Faring Squids!
Peter the bear; lost his family in the war, was adopted by a mean old lady in a house who tried to eat him, who died and put them on the street. A kind man found peter and took him home, his sister was separated from him. He wears a ski mask when he is scared. He likes to go fishing and walking in the forests. He carries a sketchbook where he draws things in. He is not a good artist. Big Cats pick on him. He writes really mean letters that are scary and sends them to them, signed "DR.PAIN". He has a soft child's voice that is slighty deep. He was born in a valley.
The Amphion Contigency, the war of the frogs on the salamanders, Newts are neutral, turtles are strange and opportunists.
The Amphion Contingency is a history of wars between salamanders and frogs.
It begun many years ago, when the salamanders began a series of brutal wars against the frogs. The frogs were a very large population with many different groups and ethnicities that for many years fought amongst themselves. The salamanders invaded and were desperate to be victorious, and they perpetrated many atrocities. The salamanders invaded because their small population had recently experienced a rapid population growth because of divine intervention. They were not able to keep up with the food production, and so convinced themselves that it was their higher power's desire to have them expand, and so they began to expand beyond their borders. Eventually, they were not able to sustain the war, and they retreated. Both sides suffered vast losses. The frogs though were especially injured, physically and psychically. It took many years for the frogs to return to some normalcy, but they never completely recovered; the many different groups and ethnicities' rivalries were reignited and the entire frog land was on the brink of civil war. This was many generations later. As the many groups were preparing for civil war, a mysterious frog appeared as leader of the largest clan of the green frogs, and convened a secret meeting of all the clan leaders. They decided that to solve the frog land's woes they should exile all the salamanders in their land and all un-frog amphibians. After commiting many genocides, they would expand and invade. What they learned from the salamanders they would perpetrate against them. At this time, the salamanders had learned the era of their past ways, and were amid new prosperity. What would occur then would be a sad reversal of their past.
Lifeform of millions of individual creatures that link together to form geometric shapes that disguise themselves in urban settings, like cities and factories and spaceships. Possibly, an advanced technological non-organic species
Motro: Byxe, Trux, & the Nomads Inside.
The rancid barbarian control of the South Ashrunnian Plains and
Desert Ruins. A land rich in oils and rusty technology.
Motro is a region of Ash'ruhh, that is frozen, literally and chronologically. After a bomb exploded, so powerful that is destroyed its own existence, its blast radius was locked in a post-apocalyptic void. There, the people of Motro developed from the only surviving human, a pregnant ghost woman. She gave birth to two men, Nekula and Motro. Motro was killed by Nekula, but not after scattering his spirit into the world. Nekula grew old and fell apart into separate people, which formed villages and civilization began to grow again. Nekula, an evil thin man, is now seen as the death spirit of their culture, and Motro is the spirit that will end the forever winter and return life to the world. The people of Motro are not aware of anything before the winter, they believe it will end though. There are some people of Nekula, who are occasionally born that are skinny and sickly and are often ostracized from their community.
The quest to end the endless winter involves the collection of hundreds of many ancient artifacts. Only one thing can end the frozen state of the world, and that is a chronotron bomb. A bomb that creates time. It is a collection of a hundred nuclear bombs, surrounding a core of a ghost's heart. That is simply the core, the entire structure is the size of a city. Which controls the balance of all the bombs, contains the ghost's heart, and expands the time field evenly throughout the land.

Motro's life is of a gradual realization that all myths are false, and that his life's purpose is to roam. This is how he feels as a teenager after travelling for years as a boy, and finding no signs of his family. He learns of technology from a xyklops, hoping to discover where Nekula could have warped them to. Eventually he gives up, and becomes angry and violent. After being nearly killed, he sees a vision of his family living and growing in another world. Not sure of its significance, he seeks out the xyklops once more, and together they discover its exact temporal location. They must first go to Nekula's own castle. He finds nekula, weak and old. Nekula explains that its actually his lack of belief in the inherent dyctonomy of their myths, the good and evil, the snow and the sun, that kept him alive. Now that Motro no longer believes in him, he has nothing to live for. Motro kills Nekula, and journeys to find his family. From this place between worlds, the meditation land, or as he learned from the xyklops, the negaspace, he sees many different realities and many different myths. Many different villages throughout ash'ruhh, with their own heroes. And he also sees spring time for the very first time, and finds it beautiful. While travelling, he realizes that the myths are true. He sees that some worlds have myths where the world must end, and some where the world must restart endlessly, but in Ash'Ruhh, the never ending hope for the Winter to end is all-pervasive. As if everyone remembers the time where there wasn't snow, when there never was a time for them like that. Motro finds his brother, now named Rotro, and his family and his village. At first they resist returning, but with Nekula dead, their universe was soon degrading and they could see that they were all in a dream state. Motro saves them. The next part of Motro's life, he decides, is to create such a machine as to fulfill the prophecies he's always heard, basically a doomsday device. He does not tell people what he ultimately believes, that they will all die when he finishes the machine. This secret devotion is what transforms him into a king. Rotro believes that he was in the utopic vision and resents Motro for shattering it, but is equally devoted because he must see it again. Motro gradually discovers all the heroes in ash'ruhh, forming a giant army that combs the wastelands of Ash'Ruhh and aquiring all the ancient relics of technology. After all the villages and peoples have been united under Motro, he builds the giant machine time bomb city, and waits to die, where he will use his own ghost's heart to power the machine. When the bomb explodes, it rips the skin off of the master of fate, reveiling that he is really the personification of death. Death requires that his story end there, but they fight and fight, until they both disappear. Then someone else is writing a story; they tell someone that even death cant stop you from living, because when you become a legend, your story will always be told, and each time you tell it. it changes a bit, and you change a bit, and your story fights death just a little bit more.
The Taller man, grew up a sad and lonely boy, ostracized by society, and raised in a isolated castle by strange priests and professors. They taught him that all life is just a collection of stories, and that all existence is a collection of collections of stories. As a book may have characters, as it has chapters, and it has volumes. It belongs in a library, which belongs in a city, in a planet, in a universe, etc. Existence is the act of stories occurring. But they are short sighted, and believe that all life is structured like a story, and that every story has a main character and an antagonist. This cult, seeks to find the major antagonists in all their realities. It is an offshoot of mirology (see above). And they believe the taller man is their antagonist for their existence, and raise him as such to be so. The Taller Man IS the antagonist, but quickly realizes that this to be true, that it is not necessarily valid. And although he is evil and sick, he still desires to be a protagonist, and a hero and healthy. It is for this reason, that he takes motro's family, to make stories about them and him. At first, he places them in an ideal world, but quickly realizes, that nothing happens in an ideal world, so he puts himself in, as a perfect hero unflawed character to save them from dangers that he creates. All the while, Motro's little brother becomes more and more aware of the artificiality of it all, and begins a long struggle to try to figure out what happened. The Taller man, tries for a long time, to derive satisfaction from this bubble, but finds that he cannot. He wants a perfect world, where he is a hero, but is not willing to do what he himself knows, that he must die to be that hero.
Meanwhile, Motro has begun his journey to the Northern City. He has brought ten scrolls with him; one is the story of Red Beard, one is a map, another is a story about witchcraft and wizardry, one is a list of beasts and monsters, another is a scroll on living in the wilderness, one is a sword and sorcery tale, one is his family tree, and the last four, i dunno yet.
Motro realizes that if he's ever gonna find his family, that it will be a heroic journey that only a hero can accomplish, so he must be MOTRO!!!! He finds renewed vigor for life, and goes proudly into the unknown, towards the northern city, where hopefully, the wizards there will help him find the taller man and where his family is. He is quickly assaulted by ice lions, which he defeats, and with his blood, he writes down what happens, and titles it "I am a hero!" he puts it alongside the "The origins of the legend of motro" scroll, so when he has family, he can tell them what happened to him. His little motorcycle alerts him to his hunger, and motro feeds him, and tells him that as long as he is his friend, they will always help each other. Motro then adds to his story, how his wheely beast helped him crush ten ice lions.
The Next morning, they approach the final exit into the wasteland. As far as they can see, are jagged ice forms, an entire ice field. It is harrowing. Motro is scared, and does not know what to do, but the motorcycle reminds him that he must be brave, and that the ice field can't go on forever. Little does he know, that the ice field is completely impenetrable. They find a path however, that is littered with dead cars and bones, and decide to walk it cautiously. He also sees many of those dump trucks that formed his home on the path. In their dumptruck bed, masses of bones are collected, as if entire villages died in them at once. At night, ghosts of the dead begin to travel the path, and although scared, motro understands that even the dumptrucks, although they could travel over rough terrain, would fall prey to hidden ice caves. And smaller cars were too easily picked off by predators and raiders. Motro sleeps.
Days go by, and one night, he even sees a vision of his great grandfather, Redbeard; Redbeard driving over the carcasses of the other trucks. In the bed, is Redbeard's son, Woodman, who is quite young, and his baby, who would be skuldust. Redbeard was exiled from the Northern City, after the King became jealous of Redbeard's popularity with the crowds, and banished him along with all the prisoners and poor from the city. These people spread throughout the land, forming all the separate villages and communities. (This is why motro is a common legend, but not the only one, and some have different names).
Days go by, in the ice crevasses, and Motro is getting weaker and colder. Although he is eating his infinite fish, the cold itself seems to be wearing him down. In the valley, the far away sun, though distant, would temper the winds. But in the ice fields, it was as if the sun was gone altogether, and only frigid mists covered the land. While passing a destroyed ruin of a building, amongst its mangled metal skeleton, his eyes seem to briefly glimpse a pair of soulless eyes staring back at him of an icey creature. A Snow Wolf. A day later, the apparition, is much clearer. On one particular night, he awakes to find a Snow Wolf right upon him, and feels his will to live simply evaporating. But catching sight of his reflection in the ices around him, he sees his family looking back at him, and resolves to fight. He grabs at the wolf, and rips its skeleton out, as it shreaks a ghoulish wind. He awakes the motorcycle, and says that they can not stay long in this ice field, because the cold itself hungers for their warmth.
The next day, they finally come to a clearing, and they find strange spirals inscribed in everything, and footprints everwhere, those too in spirals. After walking for some time, they see the shape of a man through the haze. Motro has not seen any other man since his family was taken, he yells to him, and the man turns to see towards the voice. Motro is not sure, but it appears the creature has only but one eye, and is no natural man at all. But then, he has two eyes, and runs away.
Motro reasons that if a man lives in this field, then perhaps he may have a family, and a warm home, and something to eat besides fish, and they must find him!

note on xyklopz: they are 1 dimensional creatures which in their natural state exist as the entire universe itself, when entering a 3d universe, they were converted into "separations", these separations are a humanoid and a mechanoid, but since these separations are arbitrary, since we're all atomic constructs, this now 3d existence of there's constantly shifts and has strange perceptions. Also, their time line being 1d dimensional has also been transformed into 3d time, and as a result, exist at all times as well. Its relationship with motro, is one of struggling to understand its separateness from its own universe and thus itself. At first he imitates motro crudely by appearing more human like (two eyes, some fingers), but he soon develops a personality of his own. He shares scientific knowledge with motro, after motro finds him while seeking help for his motorcycle creature, after he crushed it by accident. The Xyklopz resolves this by going into the past and taking the living motorcycle from the past and replacing it with the dead one, so the dead motorcycle motro has, was technically, dead before he crushed it. In a way, The Xyklopz actually sought out Motro then. Motro lives with the XYKLOPZ for a few months, until the Xyklopz hopes to resolve its crisis, goes with Motro north, and they come to their first town.
Motro, however, overwhelmed with all the humans, and after being taken in by the village blacksmith, for helping him in his shop, and becoming attached to a young girl in the village, dismisses the XYKLOPS, who the villagers find strange. When they move to get rid of them, motro does not defend him so that he can stay in the village. Afterwards, Motro goes to the meditation land, but find that the Master of Fate is quite upset with him, and banishes him from his realm. It is not too long before that Motro meets his first rival, when a man arrives from out of the village, claiming to be MATRON, Slayer of Ice Lions. After demonstrating his skills to the village, the blacksmith is enamored with him, and so is his daughter, whom Motro has become attached to. However, MATRON is quite attracted to the daughter too, and when they decide to wed, Motro becomes furious and runs off. MATRON chases him, and finds him crying near a river. When he tries to comfort him, by telling MOTRO that he doesnt really plan on staying there, MOTRO punches him in the stomach. MATRON collapses, and the young girl arrives to see this. Motro feeling humiliated and ashamed, runs away back to the XYKLOPZ to find that he is no longer there.

chapter 2: the city, the ice field, and meeting the xyklopz
3: staying with the xyklopz, learning his true form and his story, motro learns science
4.motro yearning to leave, but finds himself unable to find the exit to the ship, asks XYKLOPZ to help, and XYKLOPZ agrees to go with Motro
5.the first village, and the rejection of XYKLOPZ
6. the comfort of a lady, the warmth of a village, the entrance of MATRON
7. the enchantment of MATRON, the cold of rejection
8. the expulsion from the village, MOTRO resumes his travel north, maybe he's not a village hero, but like MATRON, a traveling hero who knows no home.
9. Motro has new map, with the locations of all the major locations and routes to the Northern City. Motro begins travelling to another village, on his way, the blacksmith finds him, asks him to return
10. Motro rejects blacksmith, accepts trip to new town. Tries to do heroic things, but town already has local hero. Ends up hungry, and alone.
11. A local gang takes him in, and the local leader is quickly threatened by motro's presence, motro being stronger and admired by the others. Motro is uninterested in really being a part of the gang, and is more interested now in contacting the village wizard. When he goes to speak with him, the gang leader sneaks into his shop and steals his wand, when the wizard discovers this, he becomes very angry and curses the bully leader and kicks out Motro. Motro is quite upset, and the Bully leader is turned into a dog boy and is humiliated. Motro still needs to speak with the wizard, and convinces some of the gang boys to go with him to the Wizard's home and apologize. When they arrive, it is soon night time, and they see two soldiers at the wizard's door. Soldiers always hate bullies and usually pick on them, so they hide and listen. The wizard is being commanded by the King of the Northern City his requested presence immediately, and may come willingly and alive, or will be brought to him dead. The Wizard is sad and crying. Then, one of the little bullies makes a noise, and the Wizard sees them, and puts an X on all their faces. When he sees he can't put an x on Motro's face, he looks perplexed, and rushes back inside.
The next morning, Motro knocks on his door. The Wizard answers. "What do you want butter ball boy!?!

Steps to creating the time bomb:
a. discovering that time is frozen
b. discovering what stopped it
c. learning how to restart it
d. collecting the pieces
e. learning how to construct them effectively
f. construction
g. ignition
h. ???
Motro characters, communities, and monsters so far.
- RedBeard, the mighty warrior. Great Grandfather of Skuldust 1. Great Great Grandfather of Motro. See "Might is Right"
-XYKLOPS, one eyed creatures from an old universe. They have no limbs in they're natural state, similar to a slug with an eye on the end. They have the ability to change the shape of their bodies, and to increase its size to a certain degree (by expanding like a balloon), but this makes them weaker. A small "X" appears where ever an alteration to their usual form appears. They have long gill structures on their ventral surfaces, which is also where they speak from. When in a humanoid form, the appearance of nostrils and a mouth have the only aesthetic purposes. They have no concept of duality or pairs or patterns. Everything is either one or zero. They're technology is very advanced but mysterious. They're universe is very old and only has one object in it, it is a planet that is self sustaining. It is very dark, but not completely pitch black. There is an ambient light that is hard to determine its source. They have created a trans-dimensional spaceship which allows faster-than-light travel.
-The Gyroscopic Supra-Universal Vert-Engine Drive. After escaping their universe (the XYKLOPS) existed in the negaspace for some time. Where they developed an propulsion system by using the chaotic properties of negatic matter to envelope their universe and isolate it within a gyroscope. By attaching a thread back to their original universe, and then rotating the gyroscope around their universe, the change in position in their original universe translates into an almost infinite change in position in their current universe.
-Kal-Esp, the dark reanimator of the black city. He has used magic to turn an entire city black, he captures wanderers and steals their hearts. He keeps a library of hearts, which are kept alive, and as long as they live, they are thoughtless zombies that do the bidding of whatever Kal-Esp desires.
-Death-Motro, a zombie-fied nameless warrior named by Kal-Esp a "MOTRO".
-The Junkyard King, Bulldox and his square dog. Bulldox is of a giant Junkyard, it is the size of a small city. It sits inside a deep steep hole, and is filled with garbage from all over the world. Junk cars and trucks and bikes go there to die. Bulldox eats rotten food, and so does his dog, and it smells very bad in his kingdom. His castle is a dead airplane pointed to the sky. His dog is a type of dog that he has bred into squareness, similar to an ice-lion.
-Mariskor, his princess daughter.
-Vespar and his Donkey. Vespar is a mischeavous trickster. He loves to play jokes on people. Him and his donkey ride on a pair of mopeds around the country side, collecting little thingies to make magic items and potions. He has a little jar of wasps.
-The Dog Tribe of the Silver Bridge. A small group of dogs that live inside an old gas-truck which hangs dangerously halfway off the bridge. It had crashed into an old dog-catcher truck. Their ancestors were protected from the big winter inside the dog-catcher truck. They speak in yips and barks, and charge people a toll to cross their bridge.
-The Bully. The Bully is a wannabe warrior that terrorizes a small village. He uses deceptive means to make people fear him, but he really is a weakling. He wears the skin of a (juvenile) ice lion.
-The Reptoid Leader, she is a beautiful seductive reptilian women. She can form her legs together to take on a snake form, or take the form of a humanoid. She is the leader of the Reptoid Cult, her pheremones keep her cult under her spell. Her name is ki-sikil-lil-la-ke, see biblical figure of Lilith.
-The Reptoids, are a cult of reptilian humanoids, they use the hot blood of mammals to power the manifestations of their religious fervor
-The Container Ship village. Three very large container ships thrown ashore, the containers scattered all about. It forms a small city. They live off of a nutritious but scarce cliff-growing plant. They must climb on the slippery wet oceanside cliffs to gather them. A scary Heckraken preys on them as they gather the food. It is a cross between a nautilus and an octupus and covered in spikes. It is very large.

....An extension of this semantic affinity of the wolf with the dog is the image (in myth and legend) as a protector of mankind -- a sort of banken (watchdog) in the mountains. This watchdog role appears in the benign okuri-okami (sending wolf) stories. "When someone is walking along mountain roads at night sometimes a wolf follows without doing anything. On nearing the house the wolf disappears." Sometimes the ubiquitous okuri-okami tales also mention the danger of looking back or falling over while being followed by the wolf, acts that may invite the wolf to attack....Nonetheless, what is usually stressed is that the wolf's purpose is not to prey but to protect, to see the lonely human being safely home through the dangerous night-time mountains....Even today many villagers claim to have had such experiences in their youth....
The Half/Price Hero, a hero who was killed, chopped up into pieces, but then boiled in a magic cauldron which brought him back to life. But only after his shoulder was eaten, and had to be replaced with an Ivory shoulder. see greek figure: Pelops
Dream Creatures; dreams are actual creatures that go into people's brains
The Dream Queen, she's a very pretty beautiful person that lives in the negaspace and takes care of the dream creatures. Her dress looks like a castle
Giant Green Black Man.
The Cute Animal Express, is a mail program that sends one cute animal a month to subscribers to stay for one month.
The Shadow Aliens, 3-dimensional shadows from 4 dimensional creatures from a higher dimension.
Delta City, the jungle marsh city that sits at the delta of the Jungle of Anna's Easy Soul.
Mask village, the people are only allowed to wear three masks, if someone breaks this rule, they are condemned to only wear a criminal mask. or something like that.
Satex: Rainy Era
Ashruhh's Lands
A New Elegant Universe's Early Era, pre-Lord Lavatron
A.N.E.U's Post 77 Rockets, The Transformation to the Present Era.
A.N.E.U's Era of Lava, Post Rainy Era.
A.N.E.U's Era of the Holy Romeo's and Reunification, Post Lava Era.

Ahbahbahbah Region.
Ash'Kah's protected zone.

Dr.Crystal Heart
he has a pet dog, named Dr.Dog Sir, who grew a beard.
The Blue Diamond Movie (that i made in puerto rico)

Different Types of Cities/Towns
Mega-metropolises; such as the combined borderless cities of York, The New Arks, etc. that make up New Rez-Jet. They are a mess of overgrown pipes, rusty structures, and steamy vents. They tend to have a confusing maze of transportation systems and roads, and not many walking areas.

Walled Cities; much smaller than the mega-metropolises, like Sallad
and Knot-South, are walled and separated from one another by large distances. They have an old-timey feeling to them, or a more uniform style of architecture.

Modern Metropolises; do not have walls, or have outgrown old ancient walls. They do not have such a quaint feel, are more glassy and shiny, but not as dark and rusty as the Mega-Metropolises.

Frontier's Towns; these towns seem to have been hastily built out
of whatever what was available, pieces of scrap metal and wood.

Tree Towns; towns that are built into and out of the surrounding trees and environment. Similar towns can be found in any natural environment.

Old Timey Towns: Towns that have no or a small amount of modern appliances, post 1930's or so.

Modern Towns; these are surprisingly quite rare, since most of Satex and the Satex Continent is not densely populated, and the dense populations quickly form into cities. There are most popular on the edge of New Rez-Jet.


Licky Kitty Locka Rocket
can manipulate water with his tongue
as long as the light on his back is a lit, he can grow it to any
size or heat, becoming a mini star.
Soft Step
creates miniature black holes with every step
can cut lines on the fabric of reality
Dark Star
can absorb all energy attacks
Gem Cat
channels lights through his different colored gems for different effects
Box Box Box Outside-Inside
can transport himself through any size box of equal size, and emerge the approximate size of any box he emerges from
Ricky Vibrations
can focus sound waves in the direction of his ears into powerful blasts or destructive force
Danger Looks
Can fire planet destroying laser blasts

...the name "Satex" means "Those Who Are Friends"

List of Universes already created:
1. Satex (New Elegant) Universe
2. TV Verse: Dr.Crystal Heart, a surrealistic TV show starring a pale blond doctor, played by an actor who really believes he is the Dr.Crystal Heart; Jared French's music, Maureen Life movie, The Blue Diamond movie
3. Dream World: The Lion Man of my dreams and the strange red world he lived in, That dream i had that i could not escape with the Towers of Babel and the four-winged seagull, "The Aura and the Engineer" a WW1 scifi-fantasy-drama starring an aura-seeing Einstein.
4. Gregory's Universe, aka The Outer Verse, where everything that has to do with Gregory happens
5. The Universe from which these universes are written, "The Normal Universe"
6. Nikola Tesla, Davey the Depressed Dolphin (as masked dolphin in Boston), inhabit a universe almost identical "The Normal Universe"
7. Superhero Universe; Ratboy, NorthStar, The Iron Fire, Liqualia, Ulacris,
8. War Comics Universe; Line of Sight (The Soldier who can see around corners)
9. Space Joe's Universe, may be linked to the Outer Verse
10. Purple Man's Universe, universe without color
11. Dog State Universe, alternate future Earth of the Normal Universe where the world has adopted a prison-style form of government.
12. The First Elegant Universe, A New Elegant Universe as it existed when Ulises' was a child, a completely different Universe with a different time line (if it had a time line) than the Satex (New Elegant) Universe of present, possibly a separate multiverse, or a non developed mulitverse

Dimensional Time-Flow

Linear Time, 1d time
In the Normal Universe, time flows in one direction, towards a point in the future from a point in the past. There is a clear difference between what has happened and what will happened. Cause and Effect is not only an idea, but an integral part of the universe for it to function. It is 1-dimensional time, the dimension being length. Time being a measure of change, the amount of change at one time tends to develop on this thread of time something like a string of beads. Since time does not past the same way at all points in the universe, time builds up in some spots and dissipates in others forming "beads" of time. Each bead indicating a measure of change in time and in the universe. The bead themselves are eternally traveling into the future, changing (growing, shrinking, disappearing, melding together) but because they are all traveling along the same line and at the same speed, there is not much one can do to skip beads willy nilly.

Time Travel in 1d. Time travels forward, and it has a certain momentum. Not in the momentum that we think of it, but in its own way. Time is always forward, i do not know why, and in a 1d dimension, there are strict restrictions to the travel one can make on the time line. One can speed up, in essence, "swimming with the current", adding a tremendous amount of physical power to manipulate space & energy and indirectly effect how time passes relative to you. Since there is no edge to the time line, being closer to the future and being closer to the past, are all relative to one's position on the time line as compared to another position's on the time line. As one puts a tremendous amount of energy into a local area of the universe, it is possible to manipulate that aspect. By traveling near to the speed of light, one goes can so fast as to make it seem that time has stopped, and indeed time has slowed down to a creep. What occurs then is that by changing the points of where to objects in time are compared, one point essentially travels away from the other. Since the only direction time can move in is forward, the illusion is reality and one moves forward in time. The opposite is impossible though, since it is impossible to put such an equal but opposite amount of energy to create the opposite effect. There is either zero energy or more energy, but never a negative amount of energy. At least, not in most 1d timeline universes.

Flat Time, 2d Time
In 2d time, there is length and width, no height. In 2d time, the "surface" of time is shaped like a pancake, but a pancake with no height. Time being a measure of change, the beads that develop in this time circle, are carried on eternally expanding waves of time. Because the range of time is expanded over a flattened disc, a certain freedom of movement in time is provided. In addition to time moving forward from the past, time also moves outward. The future occupies the most time in 2d time, as it is constantly expanding outward. The past occupies the smallest amount of space, but it is infinitely small. Because of the lack of edge, the center is everywhere and anywhere. This has the curious affect that time seems to be frozen in some areas, with only the strange passage of time being felt but without change. It is similar to being on a train platform, and as you watch a train pass, you yourself feel as if you're moving in the opposite direction. Why does this happen? With no distinct edge and no center, the only thing that can be judged is the movement of the time, but not one's location in time. Whereas before, with 1d linear time, one can judge a position in time relative to other positions, the positions are now mapped on a flat plane with time moving in expanding circles. The relative positions of an object moving forward in time can be completely moving opposite to the viewer. Beads of time develop in this time plane, and float like buoys in a near still lake. There needs a considerable less amount of energy to move along the current towards different times. Additionally, as one moves along the ever expanding current of time at a high enough speed, in a spiral trajectory, it can move fast enough to actually have originated later in time. One travels into the future and ends up in the past because the end point of the spiral is now in a different location than where it should have been had it remained in the present. There is no actual travel to the past, because the concept of future and past as separate concepts are nonexistent.

Spherical Time, 3d Time.
The natural evolution of time is into a true 3d formation. The formation of time beads does not occur, and there is no points in a universe where time passes differently in relation to others. Instead, the present is an endless realm, the future is always in the future, and the past is always clearly behind oneself. Flat Time was something of a foggy lake, where one could not tell where the surface began. Spherical Time is more like a jawbreaker with different levels. As time pasts, the center of time can be more readily found. A major difference from 2d time is that because of the third dimension of height, edges can now occur. Instead of beads occurring because of different changes in time in localized regions, the beads are now different levels of time, or "eras". Eras are always in the present and extend over an infinite sphere. This means that in the present, there is no center and all time "moves" along the edge of the sphere. Without a center, none can definitely determine how or if one is moving out or along the sphere. Each sphere gains in size, unless a significant force occurs that creates a new sphere or Era. In 3d time, time becomes relative to each change in time. It is comparable to the sensation of weightlessness in freefall, while one is inside an elevator.